Tuesday, March 13, 2018

MISBEHAVING SKIN : What it is to Bear's Beauty

Chances are, if you are at this post, you have what I call "Misbehaving Skin." The truth is, I have been using this term for so much of my life, it only recently occurred to me that not everyone is familiar with the phrase.

From the age of about twelve on, I had acne. I didn't just have acne. I had bacne, shoulder-cne, chest-cne ... and I was super pale. So, each and every blemish showed, bright red, long after healing. I had acne, acne scars, and then I had course hair when that became a thing mid-high school. I was blonde, but my body hair grew in like an old Italian man. I then had hormonal acne, cystic acne, and ingrown hairs to throw in the mix. My Mother, literally the sweetest woman on the planet, didn't want me to think I had "bad" skin. So, we started to say that my skin was "Misbehaving."

Funny, now that I look back, what a huge impact that phrase had on my self-confidence. Yeah, I had breakouts, but my skin was just misbehaving. It gave me a sense of a light at the end of the tunnel, of the impermanence of the situation, Granted, I didn't know that then, but self-talk is very important.

The name "Misbehaving" also speaks to the number of skin concerns addressed in this one specific oil blend. As I listed above, my skin didn't have just one issue. As I got older, and was diagnosed with PCOS, hormonal fluctuations became the norm. As did the breakouts that came with them. I had to find a solution that worked all the time, not just when my skin was sort of broken out.

This blend helps address concerns with excess oil, dryness, acne, scarring, hormonal acne, ingrown hairs, clogged pores, blackheads, picking scars, post-acne scarring, redness, flaking, and has a host of anti-bacterial properties.

I have integrated this essential oil into facial scrubs, washes, serums, and even a body version.

I use the Body Scrub + Body Serum to keep my whole body clear, great for booties!

Monday, October 9, 2017

CBD Skincare

Hello Beauties!!! It has been way too long since I posted. I find my list of blog post ideas getting longer and longer, but my blog has not gotten as much attention.

The cornerstone of my line is Organic Hemp Seed Oil. Since I started Bear's Beauty, it has always been my intention to bring more attention to the many benefits if all things Hemp + Cannabis + Marijuana. If you have been following @bearsbeautyhemp on Instagram, then you have probably seen a few mentions of CBD products.

I currently sell most of my items through Etsy. Unfortunately, Etsy policy is very much anti-cannabis. Official policy is that any derivative of Hemp that is not from the sterilized seeds, Hemp Seed Oil with 0% THC and 0% CBD, is not allowed on the marketplace. This means that I cannot sell CBD items on Etsy.

I want to talk to you about some personal reasons why I feel CBD should be readily available and explored.

My youngest brother had brain surgery when he was one year old. As a result of that surgery, that saved his life, he suffered physical brain damage to his frontal lobe. Your frontal lobe controls things like decision making, social skills, and reasoning. My brother suffers from epilepsy as a result and has had seizures regularly since the surgery. My brother is now 22 years old. He still lives at home, and will have to the rest of his life. He is almost seven feet tall. He takes maximum doses of three different seizure medications, all of which process through the liver. Each medicine has side effects that make him hungry or sweat too much or not at all. CBD could help address his seizures without all the side effects and liver damage.

My Grandfather was like my Dad. He helped raise me when my dad left. He was at every play, performance, graduation, and track meet.  He was one of the healthiest people that I know. He was diagnosed with Lymphoma and battled it for several years. In the end, I watched chemo and treatments kill him while tumors choked out his organs. The chemo made him not want to eat, burned his throat, made his nauseous, and the pain pills only made it worse. I cannot convey to you how much I fault myself for not knowing more when he was sick. That being said, CBD, Medical Marijuana, and all things Hemp are beneficial to cancer patients. I may not be able to go back in time and ease my Grandpa's suffering, but I can create products that will help people now. I do not offer CBD products yet, but they are coming. I already offer several soothing products, but they will be even better with CBD.

My roommate struggled with opiate addiction that eventually claimed his life. It, like SO many other addictions, started with pills. Pain pills, specifically. One of his friends, his best friend, got clean after his death using CBD. I believe CBD and eventually Medical will seriously reduce the number of opiate related deaths.

I struggle with anxiety, migraines, chronic immune issues, and for a time I also struggled with addiction. Most of my life I self-medicated. I am not proud of that, but I feel like honesty is the only way I do any justice to my goal. CBD and Medical helped me get off medication and get into a healthier lifestyle.

I was not an advocate of anything to do with hemp most of my younger years. It was only when Hemp Seed Oil cleared my skin that I started to look into other applications. The oil alone is a miracle of nature. It just happens to have a balance of Omega Fatty Acids usually reserved for fish oil. The oil is also rich in Linoleic Acid, a fatty acid that helps thin thick sebum.

At the end of the day, I feel that CBD and Medical Marijuana could do a ton of good.

While Etsy does not allow CBD, I will soon be offering CBD infused skincare!

This is just one of the exciting things coming to Bear's Beauty, stay tuned!


Thursday, August 3, 2017

Detoxing Your Armpits from Commercial Deodorant Tips & Tricks

Commercial Deodorants & Antiperspirants

Before we speak about Natural Deodorant, I want to talk about the current standard. Chances are, most of your life you have used Antiperspirant. Antiperspirant works by blocking pores and sweat glands under your arms. Antiperspirants work by either blocking or shrinking your pores. The issue with this is that your body uses your armpits to shed toxins via sweat. Have you ever used an Antiperspirant for several months or even years just to have it suddenly stop working? Your body is actively fighting commercial antiperspirant.

The Aluminum and Aluminum Salts in commercial Antiperspirant has also been linked to several health risks. I am not a fear monger, and won’t try to scare you, but please research the risks for yourself. 

Most commercial products, and even some "Natural" ones are full of chemicals like : Propylene Glycol, Tricolsan, Talc and Fragrance. 

Deodorant is a very different story. Deodorants, or at the least Bear’s Beauty Natural Deodorants, are made to allow your body to sweat while killing bacteria and scenting the underarm. Natural Deodorant allows your body to begin regulating itself again.

Make The Switch

Whether you are switching from commercial Antiperspirant / Deodorant or even from other “natural” deodorant, there may be a detox phase. This should not scare you. In reality, you probably have pores that are clogged with chemicals, dead skin, sweat, and built up toxins. When you stop blocking those pores, your body will pick up where it left off.

Detox can involve some excess sweating as well as an increase in smell. This is totally normal. This is just your body shedding toxins. Each of my formulas will combat this with a combination of absorbent starches and essential oils.

There may also be some instances of bumps or small lumps in the armpit, especially right after switching. This is far less common, but totally normal. In my experience it has been a very clogged pore that went away on its own, but you can use a gentle scrub and clay mask to help speed up the process. Read more below on how to make the process as easy as possible.

If you experience a rash, this is NOT an allergy to baking soda. The reality is, you cannot be “allergic” to baking soda. Without going into a ton of detail, your skin is naturally acidic. Baking Soda is Alkaline (the opposite of acidic) and can irritate the skin. The skin has a protective layer called the “Acid Mantle” that protects your body from environmental pollutants and germs. This acid mantle can become damaged. This is a type of contact dermatitis, but is not an allergy. Just because you had a rash with another deodorant, does not mean that you will have a reaction to all baking soda. In reality, most healthy people can tolerate alkalinity with no issue. If you do get a rash, be sure you are waiting at least an hour after shaving and try applying a layer of moisturizer before your deodorant for a few days.

Tips & Tricks

First, don’t rush to a conclusion. Give a new formula at least one week, ideally two, before you decide it’s not for you. Your body takes time to adjust, but will do so quickly.

Drink lots of water! You should be doing so already, but seriously it makes such a difference in your overall health. Water helps dilute toxins and hydrate tissues as well as keep circulation healthy.

Treat your pits special. Gently exfoliate with a natural scrub (Bear’s Beauty offers the Armpit Care Scrub for just this purpose.) Apply a gentle detox mask like Bear’s Beauty Black Detox Mud Mask. I even offer a serum to help soothe and calm angry pits. Taking extra care of your pits for a week or so while your body is detoxing does wonders for speeding up the adjustment. You can also choose any one of the above three or use all three together. You can also try dry brushing and making sure to use a gentle soap. Stay away from anything artificial.

Let yourself sweat. It may seem weird, but the more you exercise and work up a sweat, the more your body is able to clear out clogged pores. Try the hot tub or the steam room at your gym. I find hot yoga is my favorite.

Be ready to wash your pits a little more than you are used to. Keeping the area clean and dry does wonders for preventing irritation or rash. If you shave, wait at least an hour before applying deodorant. You can even apply some rich moisturizer or shea butter before for extra protection. When you shave, you damage the surface of your skin, exposing this damaged skin to baking soda will cause irritation.

Apply less product than you think you need. Many times, customers who find they are staining their clothes or having issues with irritation are just applying too much. One or two swipes is all you need for protection. Applying more product will not increase protection. Bear’s Beauty does sell mini sticks that can be easily and discretely applied throughout the day (though you will not need to once your body adjusts.)

The Good News

Once your week of two of detox is over, you will find that you sweat less than ever before. You will also find that your sweat stinks less. I also try to eat a Vegan diet and avoid dairy, as I find those things really contribute to body odor.  You may even find that the skin under your arms gets softer, smoother, and more even toned. Best of all, no more Aluminum!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Troubleshooting the OCM : Texture + Tiny Bumps

I have recently had a few customers asking me about what to do about tiny bumps or texture when using the OCM. When you first start using the OCM there is an adjustment period, often referred to as “purging.” Purging is when your skin is starting to detox and cell turnover is being increases. It is a normal part of the process. However, if you have new deep cystic pimples, redness, itching, swelling, or any kind of discomfort; stop using at once. If you are experiencing dryness, texture, clogged pores, or little bumps; read on.

It is not unheard of that as seasons or hormones change, your skin may also change. Sometimes you need to adjust your cleansing oil to suit your skin.

In my experience this tends to happen in women who wear makeup or sunscreen. It also tends to be very early into oil cleansing, typically the first two weeks. While many skin issues are linked to diet, and I encourage you to look into diets for clear skin, we can address some of the imbalances from the surface. Oil cleansing tends to “reveal” your true skin type. When your skin is not being stripped by harsh cleansers, it is allowed to balance. You may have believed yourself to have “oily” skin your entire life, just to find yourself dry a month into oil cleansing.

The beauty of oil cleansing is the ability to adjust your oil blend based on what your skin needs. I typically recommend starting with either #0 or #00. These are both considered “dry” oil blends and help to quickly thin sebum and begin the detox process. For some, there is no detox, just an extra bump or two. In my case, I had about a two month detox phase. It really took pure bull-headed determination to stick with the OCM.

I want to first give you some tips and tricks.

About 50% of skin issues have to do with Exfoliation or Hydration. Be sure to exfoliate regularly and drink lots of water. Seriously, that is the number one tip. 

1.       Always use a clean cloth. Wash cloth regularly with Castile Soap.
2.       Do not use regular cotton terry cloth; always use gentle microfiber, muslin, or flannel.
3.       Do not change your oil blend more than every four days.
4.       Do not use foaming cleansers, scrubs, or harsh toners. This is especially important the first two months.
5.       Only do the OCM once a day, preferably at night. Some people can only do the OCM 3-4 times a week. Listen to your skin; look at the OCM as a deep cleansing routine. On days where you don’t wear makeup or work out, you can probably skip the OCM and use something like the Plain Jane Cleansing Grains, Micro Exfoliating Face Scrub, or Super Natural Cleansing Gel. These are also great options for your AM cleanse.
6.       Exfoliation is key for clear skin. Depending on your skin concern, you should be using a physical and /or chemical exfoliator at least 2-3 times per week. If you are only using the oil cleanser, make sure you use your damp microfiber on your skin for a little longer after the oil is removed, moving in gentle circular motions. Bear’s Beauty has a range of scrubs, peels, and cleansing grains for all skin concerns.
7.       Change your pillowcase nightly for a week and try to keep your hair off your face at night. If it helps, it may be one of your hair products causing you to breakout.
8.       Try using Witch Hazel 2-3 times throughout the day to cleanse skin of pollution and debris, as well as refresh. Use toner 3-5 minutes before doing the OCM instead of after, so you don’t strip the natural protective oils.

One of the things that I love the most about the OCM is the ability to customize everything about the routine for what best suits your skin at any given time. One of the most important parts of getting rid of texture and bumps is the removal process. Double cleansing is one of the best ways to address congested pores, especially when you are first using the OCM.

You only want to double cleanse when you are wearing makeup or sunscreen or when you are struggling with congested pores. Once your skin starts to clear up, you can do just one round of the OCM and double cleanse just 1-2 times per week.

How to Double Cleanse:

*Massage dime-quarter size pool of oil between palms and then into dry face and neck. Massage, using gentle pressure, but enough pressure that you can feel the texture of bumps and imperfections under your finger tips. There should be enough oil that your hands move freely over your skin and do not tug or pull. Add more oil as you cleanse, if you need it.

*Wet your microfiber cloth with warm, but not hot water. Hot water will damage the skin and cause redness, but you want warm enough water to help soften the oil and remove it. Gently steaming the pores helps dislodge clogged pores and debris. Wring out excess water and lay the warm cloth over your face until cool. Gently wipe some of the oil as you remove the cloth. Wring it out, re-wet, and repeat.

*After second gentle steaming, use damp cloth to gently wipe away the rest of the oil. Be careful not to tug or pull your skin. Use gently circular motions to remove the oil. All excess oil should be removed.

*Once skin is dry, repeat the above process. The first cleanse helps remove surface pollution, makeup, sunscreen, and dead skin cells. The second cleanse helps to thin clogged pores, deeply detox, and soothe skin. After the second cleanse, you do not need to use any other products. If you choose, you can mist skin with a gentle floral water and then apply a serum and or face oil.

Once you find you no longer have texture and small bumps, you can just do one oil cleanse every night and then occasionally a double cleanse as a deep detox.
Using a clay mask 2-3 times per week is a really great way to keep pores clear.

As your skin changes, you can adjust your routine as well as your oil. If you find that your skin starts to get dry using #0 or #00, try #1. Formula #1 has Sunflower in addition to Hemp Seed Oil, which is rich in Vitamin E and very moisturizing without being heavy.

If you find you are dry, use a Pure Hydration Face Water each time you cleanse and throughout the day whenever you feel at all dry. Seal it in with something like Hemp + Shea Cold Cream or Mango + Hemp Anytime Face Butter.
If you have questions, feel free to email me BearsBeauty@yahoo.com

Monday, June 27, 2016

Oil Cleansing 2.0 // Oil Cleansing With Sonic Brush

I have been oil cleansing, using the (OCM) for a little over five years now. Over the last five years, I have been able to stop my acne, reduce the size of my pores, and heal my acne scarring. I have pretty much become an expert on the OCM as well as on natural skincare in general. I have a passion for sharing things I learn with everyone.

I love oil cleansing with a true oil, rather than a petroleum-based oil with artificial emulsifiers. 

Now, after years of oil cleansing, my skin is pretty normal, but still sensitive and acne-prone. I like to switch between formulas, because AGELESS has Maracuja Oil, which helps brighten complexion, but sometimes I sell out. Yes, sometimes my skincare is in such demand that even I have to wait. If you have never tried the OCM, please check this out, where I talk all about it and what it is.  - - - The short version is; soap is a salt of a fat, on a molecular level, there is one end that likes water and one that likes oil. Traditional, and even handmade soap can strip the protective fat layer from your skin and leave it exposed to bacteria and environmental stressors.

If your skin feels tight after cleansing, chances are you cleanser is causing the skin issues that you have. Oil cleansing is a method of using the right oil to cleanse your skin. The oil removes makeup, grime from the day, and clogged pores without stripping skin. You then use a cloth or a second cleanse to remove the oil and the grime it has removed. Your skin is left soft and clean.

A few weeks ago, I stumbled onto a silicone face brush. I thought, I wonder if I could use this for the OCM? That night I tried it, and WHOA! My skin felt so soft and I noticed that even those areas that I always struggle with clogged pores looked way clearer than they ever had. This is the biggest thing for skin since the OCM. Using the silicone brush (preferably sonic, like this one or this one) helps work the oil deeper into the pores while also exfoliating dead skin.

I love that the silicone brush is easy to clean, and I typically just use my foaming face wash to wash the brush after use.

How to do the OCM with a brush:

Massage a dime to quarter size pool of Cleansing Oil into dry skin. If you are wearing makeup, massage into skin for 1-2 minutes and then remove the makeup-y oil with a dry cloth. You don't have to do this, but if you really want to get deep into your pores, you want to take your makeup off first. Apply more oil and massage for 2-3 minutes.

Use your silicone brush in gently circular motions all over your face for 3-5 minutes.

Remove the oil with a dry cloth, or you can use a mild facial cleanser, like the one I offer here.

Tone + Serum + Moisturizer

I have been doing this every night, and I cannot get over how soft my skin is. Give it a try :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

My First Henna Hair Dye Experience and Why I am in Love

I have pretty much been coloring my hair for 20 years. When I was a baby I had the perfect shade of platinum blonde, but as I got older, it faded to a sandy blonde color. While there is nothing wrong with that color, I was never happy with it. Summers in the sun would leave my hair streaked and then winters left me with a band of dark roots. For most of highschool I bleached my hair every month. Once I got into college, I experimented with every color under the sun (including black, which was very unflattering with my pale skin.)

When I decided that I wanted to be a cosmetologist, it was my love of hair color that really stood out. Nothing made a woman look different faster than a brand new color.

I loved doing color, but I always hated the smells. They almost always gave me a migraine, which was inconvenient since I worked in a salon.

Fast forward 5 years, and I am now making my living selling my own natural skin care line. Coloring my hair was the last vestige of my old ways, and I did not readily abandon it. I found creative ways to color or bleach my hair and minimize the exposure to my scalp. I would slather vegan non-petroleum jelly over my scalp and hairline, rinse my hair upside down, and then wash it with natural shampoo.

In the back of my mind, I knew that I was still exposing myself to a host of toxic crap.

Henna is not a new thing for me. I have always been fascinated with the body art made from this beautiful plant. I have gotten so many henna tattoos, and even tried a few on myself. I had heard about henna for hair, but was always scared to try it. I read that you couldn't use any other color on your hair after using henna, and that results were unpredictable. Even five years into making natural products, it still scared me.

Recently I have been doing a ton of research on henna as hair dye, and everything I read seemed to call my name. No chemicals, good for your hair, long-lasting color, and shinier hair. Could it really be true? Could henna be the answer to my hair color woes?

I already had a jar on the way. I spent hours choosing just the right shade for my hair. I wanted something that would be an auburn without being too orange or bright red. I had just dyed my hair a few weeks earlier with just medium brown, to start to blend the bleach blonde with my sandy roots.

The jar arrived on a day when I was home working. I had done a lot of reading on how to best use henna and what to use as the liquid. I made some Hibiscus Tea (not going to lie, I just mixed Boiling Distilled Water with powdered Hibiscus Petals that I use in my skincare :) I then washed my hair with Bear's Beauty Apple Amino Acid Shampoo. I needed to wash my hair thanks to a botched attempt at clay washing. It all sounds great until you are flopping what is essentially mud around your shower (more on mud washing later.) So I washed my hair and didn't condition (which really is not abnormal, as I don't really use condirioner as it is.)

So I mixed together half the jar of henna + enough hibiscus tea to make a paste + apple cider vinegar. What I ended up with was a bowl of green goo that seemed to almost be a jelly consistency. Something no one talks about, it smells. It smells like grass or plants, something very earthy and green. To be honest, it wasn't nearly as bad as the regular hair dye smell that always makes me feel the need to go outside.

Ok, so I used to work in a salon, but this is not complicated. You basically section your hair off in four sections, apply to hair, and spread it around. I would love to tell you that I carefully sectioned my hair into four sections, but I didn't. I parted my hair down the middle, used a brush to brush on the roots and hairline, and then used the end of the brush to cut a 1/2 inch section and flipped it over to the other side. I then painted more henna on the underside of that section and then the top of the next. I did this on both sides in the front, stopping at my ear. I then kind of did the same thing from the crown of my head down, and then used my gloved hands to spread and massage into the rest of my hair.

I covered with plastic wrap and went about my day. Other than the slight smell, it was really pretty forgettable. I left the henna on my hair for between 3-4 hours. I had tried to dye my hair red before and had it rinse out within a few days, so I know I left it on longer than I really needed to. So after a few hours I hopped in the shower, flipped my head upside down, and rinsed forever. Seriously, I rinsed my hair for like 10 minutes.

Once I got most of the chunks of henna out, I used some castile soap, with ACV added to adjust the ph, and lathered out the rest of the plant bits. I then rinsed, and that was it. I was legit scared of what my hair would look like. No conditioner twice in a row, castile soap, and unknown henna action.

Within an hour my hair was dry and I was super impressed. The color was not as dark as I had hoped, but the texture of my hair was surprisingly smooth. Within two days the color had darkened to a really pretty shade of auburn.

I have decided that I will do one more round before I go on vacation in July, but I love it. It didn't wreck my hair or scalp. The color is really natural looking, and it isn't full of toxic junk. Love!

Integrating the OCM into your Routine + Troubleshooting the OCM

Whether you use the OCM already or are just curious about integrating it into your routine, you have come to the right place. The OCM refers to the "Oil Cleansing Method."

If you are here, chances are you are interested in the OCM, but not sure what it entails. You may also already be using the OCM and looking to solve some issues you seem to be having.

First, I want to talk about why the OCM is so great for just about all skin types. Cleansing your face with oil may seem strange, until you consider to science of soap.

Soap starts its life a fat of some sort that is then mixed with lye to produce soap. Lye creates soap by making a molecule that has two ends; one that likes water and one that likes oil. The end that likes oil attaches to the oil on your skin, while the end that likes water rinses it away. While this is an oversimplification of the process, it does explain why soap can strip your skin. Soap does not discern between the oil-based protective layer of your skin (acid mantle) and grime from your day. If your skin feels tight after cleansing, that is water escaping your skin because the protective layer has been stripped. This layer not only keeps out environmental pathogens, but keeps moisture in your skin. When it is stripped, your skin is susceptible to breakouts and infections.

In the last several years of talking to customers, most people are just doing too much to their skin. Your body is made to work pretty maintenance-free. Clean your skin, exfoliate, drink water, and eat clean food. It is pretty simple. In a perfect world ... This is real life. The OCM is a perfect way to figure out just exactly what your skin needs. I like to think of it as "going back to zero." It allows your skin to balance and for you to see the natural state of your skin. For most people, it is healthy + clear + glowing + happy + thankful skin.

Many times what we believe is our "Skin Type" is actually a result of what we are doing to our skin. Your body is made to work in harmony. Left alone, the systems work well at keeping skin clear and balanced. I used to associate the tight feeling after washing my face with "clean." I cannot tell you the number of harsh chemical face products I have used in an attempt to "control." my skin.

Oil cleansing allows your skin to balance while also reducing signs of aging, breakouts, and dryness. I talk about choosing the right oil in the post linked in the intro, so please feel free to go read that when you finish this :)

No matter what your skin type, the OCM will benefit you greatly. Even if you have "Normal" skin and don't have any particular issues, the OCM is a beautiful way to remove makeup + cleanse + moisturize all in one easy step.

If you already have a cleanser, scrub, or face wash that you just adore; you can add the OCM into your routine. If you are unhappy with your current products, the OCM can be your entire routine. There is so much room to customize for just what your skin needs at any given time.

When I talk about what your skin needs, I mean that you should pay attention to how your skin reacts to different things. When I first started the OCM, I was using it every night before bed. A few months in, my skin began to feel a bit dry and got to the point where it seemed like nothing I used sunk in. I started using the OCM every other night, or following it up with a gentle scrub or clay wash when using every night. My natural oil production had balanced out, so I was no longer an oil slick (like before the OCM.) Now, after five years, I oil cleanse twice a day some days and switch up which cleanser I use.

If the idea of just washing your face with oil does not appeal to you, then you can also choose to use an oil cleanser before your normal face wash. This will help to protect your skin from being stripped, as well as help to deep clean your pores. To do this, you massage the oil into your dry face for 1-5 minutes and then massage your face wash right into the oil on your face. You can also choose to remove the oil with a soft cloth and then follow with your face wash.

Exfoliation is key for all skin, but when you are using the OCM, you may forget or be confused about when and how you should go about exfoliating. You don't want to use harsh scrubs, and you also don't want to use harsh soap on your face. Bear's Beauty offers several really gentle scrub options.  You can also make a super easy DIY scrub with very fine-grain sugar and honey. You want the finest possible sugar so that it will exfoliate gently without tearing or cutting your skin. The best time to use a scrub is either in the morning (when using the OCM at night) or right after oil cleansing. I actually use a gentle scrub every day.

When you are oil cleansing, you only want to do it once a day, initially. It may be tempting to use it morning and night, but it will not add any benefit when you first start. Using the OCM as your deep cleanse at night allows your skin to breathe while you sleep, and typically all you need is a swipe of toner or splash of water in the morning vs a whole wash. This is especially epic if you are busy.

Cleansing oil is not just for women, men will love this too. Think about it, one product that does the work of at least 3? Guys, if you have facial hair, all the more reason to try the OCM. For guys, you want to use the Oil Cleanser at night, Massage into dry skin for 3-5 minutes, remove with a dry microfiber cloth. In the morning, just splash with water and go! If you have facial hair, massage a few drops in your beard or stash for soft + smooth skin and hair.

Many "oil cleansers" on the market are just oil mixed with an emulsifier. While this is sort of a step up from soap, they can still be very irritating to the skin. My range is made using only oils and essential oils, offering you options for all skin types.

If you find that you get little white bumps, you are using a cleanser that is clogging your pores. This happens most often with Coconut or Olive Oil. (EDIT : This does not apply during the first three months of oil cleansing. There may be a detox period where the oil cleanser is loosening clogged pores and bringing them to the surface. If you have pain, itching, or redness, discontinue use.)

To add an oil cleanser to your routine, simply use it as a pre-wash.

You can use an oil cleanser 2-3 times per week as a deep cleanse. Massage into skin and let sit for 10-20 minutes before removing.

Oil cleansing is NOT scary. Rub some oil in your face, wipe it off with a soft damp cloth, love your skin.