December Update

It has been awhile since I had time to post on here. I would like to start out by talking a little bit about what has been going on with my Skin Care Line, Bear's Beauty. When I first opened up my shop on Etsy, I had an idea, but not much else. With the help of my mother, I was able to get some initial supplies together. Armed with my Organic Oils, an Essential Oil Kit, and some books about Natural Skincare, I was off and tearing on my journey.

That was in June. I started out with about three products, and now have around 38! It has not been easy. I had to learn all kinds of alternatives to products I had been using my entire life. There were things I had never even considered making on my own that were extremely simple. Why had no one ever told me this before. Did you know that you can make a totally natural and non-toxic Non-Petroleum Jelly with only two ingredients? Me either. It was crazy the number of products I had been buying that were full of nasty chemicals and could be easily replaced with natural ingredients.

My first task was to learn as much as I possibly could about each oil. Hemp Seed Oil was first on my list, and then a whole slew of others... Coconut, Sweet Almond, Shea Butter, Argan, and even  Olive Oil. I wanted to know what oils had what properties, how they each felt alone and then how they mixed with other oils. Many a dish suffered my wrath, and there are still a few with Shea Butter stuck in grooves.

I poured arduously over the internet. I looked up recipes, ideas, and even looked at how some other skincare lines were doing it. I must admit, I was a bit displeased. So many companies were taking short cuts, or adding in chemicals to preserve their products. So, I kept researching. I learned about three essential oils a day, which has given me a pretty good knowledge of the 40 oils I currently use in my skincare line.

By September I started to realize that I really had something going. People were responding so well to my products, I was in awe. My passion for commercial products had given me a perfect background to gauge the performance of my products. My research had given me the power to look at a toxic ingredient list, and turn it into something effective and totally natural. I was in business and I was rolling right along.

My product line had expanded at this point. I had about fifteen products and variations of them as well. I started to learn about more complicated things like Cold Creams and dilution rates for Serums and Eye Serums. I began to branch out and incorporate more oils. I also started to get really into making perfume. Some of my first attempts back in June were disastrous, but by September I started stumbling upon perfect blends and getting my nose in tune with how to tweak a fragrance. One of my favorites, even still, is a Flirty Vanilla Citrus with Sandalwood notes.

I also was contacted by two websites at this time; and They both wanted to carry my line on their sites. I was flattered and pleased at the idea. After the order for Hemp Authority I was able to upgrade many of my products. One of those was my Cold Cream. My initial recipe was simple and only had two base oils. My current recipe includes all of my favorites (Hemp Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, and Sweet Almond Oil.) It is a powerful, protective, moisturizing cream.

I now have a blossoming line. I have products for Baby, Women, Men, Teens, and everyone in between. I have exotic essential oils and blending knowledge that has taken six months of study, full-time, every day, to achieve. I am so excited to keep learning. It interests me, how plants can heal our bodies, and the natural pharmacy just waiting outside our door. People are using my products and returning for more. It is amazing to me.

I am currently working on a Cleansing Oil Cream. It will be a creamy version of my cleansing oil, and offer a different option for those trying it. Cleansing oil has been the basis of my skincare. It has genuinely changed the way I look at products. Oil-Free is no longer a phrase that means "safe." I realize now that working with my body is much more logical than fighting how my body works.

I am busy working on Holiday orders, and excited for the year to come. I can't wait to begin explaining each product and how to use it!



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