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Toothpaste is one of the few daily hygiene products that you actually swallow. When I first started making my own products, I used a rudimentary blend of Bentonite Clay + Coconut Oil + Baking Soda + Peppermint. While I could provide you with the ratios for a DIY ... it really is not enjoyable to use. The benefits were undeniable for me, but the actual paste was gross. Several years later, and I have refined my paste into several different formulas. Each one has its own unique benefits and reasons for the formulation differences.

What's in it?

Organic Coconut Oil : is naturally high in Lauric Acid. Lauric Acid helps to kill and prevent bacterial growth. Not only that, but unlike traditional toothpaste made with SLS, it doesn't irritate or strip your gums. 

Bentonite Clay: Lava Clay that has the unique ability to become charged when wet and actually attracts toxins and encapsulates them. It also has lots of bioavailable calcium and helps detox your entire body. I use food-grade Bentonite clay, so if you accidentally swallow some, no worries. I also chose a very fine clay, so it is gentle on your teeth. 

Trace Mineral Drops : provide bio-available minerals.

Salt : I use Pink Salt to provide more minerals, as well as improve the overall well-being of your mouth.

Aluminum Free Baking Soda : kills bacteria and makes your mouth alkaline, which helps reduce bacteria.

My goal is to provide something just right for everyone.

If you asked me what is the best toothpaste for preventing cavities and reducing sensitivity, I would say the Remineralizing Toothpaste with Theobromine + Xylitol. 

1. Remineralizing Toothpaste - This is one of my best-sellers. The ingredients are simple but very beneficial. Shelf life between 2-3 months, great for super sensitive teeth. The paste is smooth and creamy as well as being remineralizing. The Bentonite Clay + Distilled Water base is full of bioavailable calcium, because this formula is Glycerin-free, your teeth are able to absorb all the lovely minerals in this formula. This paste is made for all ages, but specifically for those having sensitivity. This formula is PACKED with good things. Organic Coconut Oil + Aluminum-Free Baking Soda help kill bacteria and clean your mouth. This paste is slightly salty, the salt helps keep your saliva at the ideal PH for healthy teeth, 

Available in 2 oz and 6 oz Tubes. 

This is now also available with Xylitol - here - Xylitol is a sugar alcohol, derived from Non GMO corn that not only has a sweet taste, but helps alkalize your saliva to encourage remineralization. 

2. Activated Charcoal + Coconut Oil Toothpaste - My personal favorite. 1 year shelf life. Great for all ages. Organic Coconut Oil + Calcium Carbonate from Limestone + Bentonite Clay + Baking Soda + Trace Minerals + Pink Salt + Activated Charcoal + Diatomaceous Earth + Essential Oils. Helps remove stains + supports healthy gums and teeth + Coconut Oil base is long lasting. This paste is really great for everyone and all ages. 

Available in 2 oz and 6 oz Tubes. 

3. Organic Cocoa ToothpasteCan you imagine how happy I was to find out that Cocoa is naturally alkaline, it helps prevent cavities?  As a true lover of Chocolate, this toothpaste is creamy and tastes of brownie batter! No worries though, it is sweetened with Stevia. The best part? If your kiddo swallows this toothpaste, its totally fine. This is for all those coffee drinkers who cringe at the thought of Mint + Coffee. Made with the same base as the Organic Coconut Oil Toothpaste, but with Organic Cocoa added! Great for kids. 

Available in 2 oz and 6 oz Tubes. 

4. Remineralizing Tooth Powder - My tooth powder is designed to have all the benefits of the Remineralizing Toothpaste, but with an unlimited shelf life. It is ideal for camping + hiking + bug-out bags. It contains all of the minerals and clays but comes to you dry. You can mix with coconut oil at home or you can sprinkle on your wet brush. 

Comes in a Jar. - Also available Baking Soda-Free

5. Charcoal Tooth Polish - This unique whitening polish is effective and simple.  It is black, but you will not only have fun grinning in the mirror, but you will love the way your smile looks. This is made to be a 2-3 times a week whitening paste and can be used with any of the other formulas. 

Great news for cavity sufferers - Now available with Theobromine, no there is no Bromine, Theobromine is extracted from Cocoa and recent research shows it is better at strengthening teeth than Fluoride! There is a paste on the market that charges $100 for less than 4 oz of toothpaste with Theobromine. – 

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