New User-Friendly Packaging - USPS Shipping Rate Increase

Happy Monday! For the past few weeks I have been working on a full re-vamp of my shop.

When I first started my store three years ago, I was dead set on using all glass packaging. In my naivete, I never considered how much heavier glass was to ship. Over the past three years, I have worked to put the cost into the ingredients and not into the packaging, but this is nearly impossible when the glass weighs as much as the product. Because I run a 90% online business, items are almost always shipped to customers. While the purist in me would love to use only glass, the break-ability as well as the weight is cost prohibitive. I want you guys to get the best possible product as well as love using it.

I am happy to announce I have finally come up with a lineup of PET plastic jars and bottles that are not only green, which I love, but will help reduce shipping cost for you guys drastically. I will continue to offer some glass options, for those of you who prefer it, as well as for many of the oils and serums. I am always working to improve products to make them as easy to use as possible.

Natural should not mean complicated. My toothpaste has been coming to you in a silicone squeeze tube, but I find these to be a bit flimsy, and for the coconut toothpaste it can be tough to get out in cooler temperatures. Toothpaste will now come in a choice of PET Plastic squeeze tube or Amber Glass Jar.

For my customers, these changes will mean lower shipping rates across the board, especially considering the increase in USPS rates.

I am super excited about the new packaging, and will start posting photos soon.


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