Advanced Acne Care Set + Hemp Seed Oil for Acne

If you have actively inflamed + painful breakouts :

1. Drink lots of water and eat foods high in Omega 3, 6, 9 (Hemp Seed Oil, Nuts, Green Veg.)

2. Follow the routine for at least two weeks, do not use other soaps + scrubs + serums + masks. (Discontinue use if skin becomes more irritated or painful.)

3. Wash your hands before cleansing and remove makeup before bed.

4. Consider switching to an Organic or All Natural Shampoo + Conditioner. - Especially if breakouts occur chest + back + cheeks + forehead.

-Using the Set -

1. AM apply Witch Hazel to a cotton ball or pad and swipe across entire face, this is your AM cleanse ... do not use soap or scrub for the 1st 2 weeks, allow your skin to get used to this routine and heal.

2. AM while skin is still damp, apply 3-6 drops of Misbehaving Face Serum, by distributing between palms, and gently pressing into skin. Allow to soak in 2-5 minutes.

3. AM once Misbehaving Face Serum has been absorbed, apply a tiny bit of Smooth Perfection Creme ONLY if your skin feels a bit dry. This routine is all about what your skin needs. If you like, you can mix a tiny bit of Smooth Perfection with 2-3 drops of Misbehaving Face Serum as well to add more soothing effects to your moisturizer. - If you struggle with oily skin, always apply moisturizer. Dab excess off after 5 minutes, but giving your skin good oils encourages healing and sebum balance.

4. Wear SPF, every day, seriously. Mineral-based SPF made using Non-Nano particles and Non-Comedogenic oils will protect your skin + helps heal and reduce redness. I make several, seriously, SPF ...

5. PM remove excess makeup with tissue or dry cloth if wearing foundation. This is not always necessary when oil cleansing, but will help when breakouts are severe. Have microfiber cloth ready and a sink with warm water. With dry hands, to a dry face. massage a nickel-size pool of Cleansing Oil into your skin. - It should feel oily, add more to easily move fingers across skin. Massage for 3-5 minutes, focusing on problem areas, and using medium pressure.

6. PM use the cloth, wrung out, to gently remove the oil. You may choose to gently steam your pores first by laying the warm cloth over your face, but never use hot water. Hot water can actually damage your skin over time. Rinse the cloth and wash with mild soap when finished. Skin should be soft, but not oily. Removing the oil is necessary, but do not go overboard or worry about getting that "squeaky clean" feeling.

7. PM follow steps 1 - 2 - 3 from AM. You may choose to apply the mask to spots, or use after step 6 in the PM routine.


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