Hello Beauties!

I am a little late, but Earth day 2018 just passed, and it seems like a perfect time to let you guys know about Bear's Beauty's commitment to our planet and how you can help!

From inception, Bear's Beauty has been an endeavor with commitment to the environment and integrity in all sourcing and production. One of the things I have always felt strongly about is packaging. Many brands use an excess of paper and plastic to pack their products, that they end up filling up the landfill faster than commercial products. I use minimal packaging and labeling as well as recycle packing materials whenever possible.

As the industry catches up, I plan on using Hemp plastics and bio-degradable packaging wherever possible.

Almost all products come packaged in re-usable glass. When your jars are empty, you can do a few things with them after you wash them. I like to first use a tissue to wipe any excess product before soaking in warm + soapy water. Once the jar is clean, you can set it aside to dry. The lids can be re-used at home, just remove the foam liner, wash, and allow to dry.

Before putting any DIY products or decanting larger bottles into smaller ones, be sure to sanitize the glass. I mist with Everclear until the entire surface is damp and then let air dry. If you are sending them back to me, you can skip this step, but please wash them out with soap and water.

To return them to us, send at least four pieces (jars or bottles) to : 

Bear's Beauty
4945 E CR 850 S
Mooresville, IN 46158

I will credit you 3$ per violet bottle + 3$ for Shipping. So, for a box of four jars, you will get a $15 credit on your next order.

You can also choose to use your credit for one free deodorant stick of any scent.

So, what are some cool ways you can re-use your jars and bottles? I love making little DIY scrubs, mixing thinks like honey + sugar + Lavender together to make a fresh face scrub. I also love sharing my creations, and these jars make great little gifts when filled with homemade body butter or balms.

Spray bottles can be great for mixing essential oils with distilled water or witch hazel to make simple face and body mists. I love 3 drops of Lemongrass in Witch Hazel. I use this when traveling and mist all over.

You can also buy larger sizes of things like Hydrosols and Cleansing Oils and keep the large bottle in the fridge.


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