CBD Skincare + Upcoming Changes to Bear's Beauty's Etsy Shop

Hello Beauties!

First, I want to thank you for stopping by. I find myself reading less these days, and I do miss writing, so I am working to get back into this on a more regular basis. Lord knows I have a whole head full of information bouncing around. The New Year has already been filled with many new and wonderful developments for Bear's Beauty.

One of the most exciting, for me personally, is the legalization of Hemp-Derived CBD on a Federal level via the new Farm Bill. When I first started my hemp-based brand in 2013, I was one of the first. There were the few products in the mall with a splash of the oil and hippie-esqu marketing, but nothing that was truly hemp based. As I found over the next few years, there were some very good reasons for this. The least of which being that there was a huge social stigma attached with hemp. People heard hemp and thought "pot." Separating the two has been a five year struggle. As the social climate began to shift, people started to seed the therapeutic properties of the plant, separate from the psychoactive.

One of the other big hurdles in creating Hemp Seed Oil skincare is that Hemp Seed Oil must be stored cold, heated at a very minimum, and goes rancid very easily in a clear glass bottle. The oil itself is beautiful, deep green with hints of emerald. This color changes to a yellowish brown as the oil degrades, and goes from smelling nutty to smelling spoiled. So, you can't make a bunch of product and just leave it sitting on a shelf. It needs to be made fresh, stored properly, and formulated in a way that keeps it fresh as long as possible. 

Through a combination of cold-storage and cold-mixing techniques, as well as very special blending rations, I have managed to create very clean high-hemp seed oil content products, that last at least six months on your bathroom counter. This process has taken years of trial and error and slowly investing in supplies and materials. Through this process, I learned about each and every oil and botanical thoroughly. I see so many brands releasing hemp-based products and they are not bottled or formulated safely. In fact, once the oil has oxidized, it creates free-radicals, the very thing we are trying to antioxidant away with all our vitamins and supplements. So...I have decided to start sharing everything I know. I cannot be upset at the state of the market if I am not willing to change it.

Bear's Beauty is truly unique because of the quality and purity, as well as the selection. I have options with essential oils and without and special formulations for pregnancy and other allergy concerns. I make deodorants with and without baking soda, with and without clay, and with and without coconut oil. I offer 12 + essential oil scents and I use ingredients like Organic Rose Otto and French Lavender, instead of cheap solvent-extracted versions or headache-inducing fragrance. I use the cleanest preservative system and spend the extra money to exclude sodium benzoate and Phenyloxyethanol for natural ferments that do the same work,  but are more complicated to formulate with. Oils are the most beneficial form, Cold-pressed and UN-processed as much as is possible. All of this, while also being effective. Formulas are careful and even the essential oils are used at the safest tested level for both aroma and therapeutic benefits.

As we got into the new year, I reached out to Etsy about CBD. They have been very clear over the last few years that CBD was not allowed, and with the new Federal legalization, I reached out one last time. While CBD is legal, it is being lumped in with "high-risk" items like cigarettes and pornography :-? So, after almost five years of waiting to sell CBD on Etsy, they have chosen to continue to prohibit CBD, terpene, or essential oil sale of anything hemp-derived on their marketplace. I have literally been waiting for years to release products. I have watched multiple CBD brands launch before Federal legalization, and patiently followed the "rules." I understand that Etsy must consider international legal status of CBD, and I totally understand why they have chosen not to change the CBD policy at this time.

There are many changes that I have been working on for the last few months, and I was waiting to find out about the CBD before enacting many of them. Now that I know I will not be able to sell CBD on Etsy, I will be launching a sister company. Many of the items on Etsy will be moved over to the new page and will now be offered with CBD. Some items will stay on Etsy, but the stock will be more limited than my personal one. As I start to build this new company. I hope to elevate the CBD offerings and all while keeping in mind the heart of Bear's Beauty.

Many products on Bear's Beauty are getting an update in order to meet new EU regulations as well as in light of the CBD legalization. Many of these changes are basic ratio adjustments of essential oils and I will be offering synergy blends that you can choose to add to your own products at home. So, if a previous formula used an 8% dilution that you loved and used for years with no problem, but the new one has been reduced to 5%, you can purchase the booster and there will be a guide for increasing your active essential oil content.

The labels can FINALLY be signed off on and printed. I have been hand-writing labels for several months now, and I know all of you are tired of that. I sure am :)

Last, the shipping time has been as long as three weeks at peek time, and I am going to have it down to one week by the spring.

It has been a CRAZY year, and I am so excited to finally be able to show you all the things I have been working on for you!



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