Cannabis in our Product Names

Hey Beauties,

Over the last month I have been updating listings and optimizing them for search engines.

One of the changes I was considering, and testing out, was replacing the word "Hemp" with "Cannabis." Organic Hemp Seed Oil does come from Cannabis Sativa.

As a small brand, it can be tough for customers to find you, and my hope was that more of you looking for true hemp-based skincare would find me.

While I like being able to use the word Cannabis, one of my international customers reached out and let me know, she was unable to get her items, because of the word "Cannabis." This just won't do. So, thankfully, this information came before I finalized the names. I will be (re-updating) the titles and using Cannabis as a search term instead.

I am so glad you guys let me know, and I am enacting the change asap.



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