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2020 In Hindsight : Part One

  I attempted to start telling parts of this story back in December of 2020. After I posted it, I had several people reach out and let me know they were worried about me. This made me feel I had done a very poor job of conveying the events. I have taken several months and two trips across the country to discern the narrative I want to share. I have worked and then waited for just the right time to finish this work, when my heart and head were in alignment with the message to be shared. The most important thing about this particular portion of my life is that this series of events helped me see just how connected everything in this world truly is and the balance that is the Universe.   I am going to be as honest as possible here, no information will be held back for the sake of ego or appearances. I am also going to share my battle with Long-haul Covid19 and Reactivated Epstein Barr Virus. I am not making any medical claims, but sharing my personal experience for entertainment and e

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