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The Last Few Months | Losing My Brother | Coronavirus

This blog was half-written in early March. We (me and Bear's Beauty) made it through Christmas. I had just recovered from being sick for a month (still not sure what with at this point, but they are now saying there is no immunity to the Coronavirus, so could have been round one), and other than some supply issue due to the Coronavirus, things were looking good. I had all my orders due out up until the 19th of March completed or on their way to being done in time for me to leave on the 15th of March to finally go visit my Grandma in Florida. March 15th I was supposed to go visit my Grandma for her birthday in Florida. I had orders all caught up and production time set at three weeks to give me a week off. Then, they started announcing lock-downs and travel advisories. My gran is an 82 year old with COPD. I also have an inherently suppressed immune system due to my own chronic mono. Those factors combined and I cancelled my trip on the 14th. I was also supposed to go

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