End Of June Update

I know, I have been saying for weeks that I was going to post an updated blog for you guys... and here it is, finally.

Business has been growing steadily, but it is a constant learning process. Thank goodness for Shark Tank for teaching me about profit margins, and customer acquisition costs. I had to pull my items from the store in Atlanta, unfortunately I couldn't afford to have product sitting on the shelf. I have learned that I need to improve packaging, and that only certain items can be pre-made.

My original philosophy was FRESH skin care, and I am finding that marrying that idea with retail locations is going to be a process. Beth and Lori at Homegrown Decatur were kind enough to offer me a spot in the future, when the kinks are all worked out. I also chose not to participate in the BET Award Gift suite at this time. I do plan on attending events in the future, but feel I need to focus on scaling my business, and streamlining production.

I have also been busy improving some of my original formulas, and implementing some changes based on customer feedback. I have the BEST customers. You guys keep me motivated, and I value your opinions and feedback.

I recently participated in my first "festival" selling in person. Through the Veil was held in ATlanta, at the Marriott Marquis a few weeks ago. I was super nervous about selling my products in person. I have done sales in the past, but when it is your product, it is a daunting task. I was blessed enough to have three of my closest friends there with me on the first day. They were integral in me not being nervous. My buddy Doc was constantly reminding me to talk to people who walked by, and reminding me about my own products when I froze. He even managed to sell a lotion bar to one of the main speakers at the event. Lauren and Conrad did an amazing job of taking pictures, and capturing my first event. They also kept me smiling the entire first day with their words of encouragement.

At the end of the three day event, I not only sold a good bit of product, but made important connections for the future. I also met some really amazing ladies, that I am sure I will be friends with for life. I am so happy that I went, and still working through feedback and ideas from that weekend.

I have been busy adding some new listings this week, and will have another photo shoot soon to show you all my new packages and labels. I have so many amazing new products, it is becoming hard for me to "pair down" my listings. Each new oil I add has amazing properties, and I want to add it to everything. I love that my customers have the freedom to pick and choose to their heart's content what oils and essential oils go in their items.

One of my most popular additions has been the Sun Lover's Cream. It is packed with oils and butters, as well as Zinc for sun protection. It makes a great daily sunscreen, and will soon be available in tinted versions.

I have also added Jojoba Wax beads to my stock, and have added them to several recipes as a safe and non-toxic exfoliator. Mica Shimmer has also been recently added, and soon I will have lots of sparkly things up for you to indulge in!

I am also working on several things that will include Cocoa Butter and Coconut, mostly because it smells divine!

I am hoping to start doing some local farmer's markets, and then trade shows. I am also working on training some interns/employees. BEAR'S BEAUTY is GROWING and it is all thanks to you!

I am always listening, so please let me know if you have an idea or request!

Stay Green!



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