December Check In

Hello all! It has been quite some time since I was able to post on here. November and December were a whirlwind of activity that I could never have anticipated. Last Christmas season, I only did about $200 in sales the whole of November and December. As the year went on, sales continued to increase. This year we did almost 30 times more sales!

As many of you know, I run Bear's Beauty by myself at the moment. I do everything from marketing and social media to the actual formulating and mixing of products. Over the last year, I have developed hundreds of recipes and products for my line. As business has continued to grow, I have learned a lot. It has always been my goal to grow this company into something much larger than just a little Etsy store, and it is well on its way. I will soon be looking for interns, to begin building a production and sales team for the summer festival and farmer's market season. Anyone interested should email me

As with many things in life, I have learned some things over the last year about business that I did not know when I first started. Big things are on the horizon for Bear's Beauty. I will be doing some re-vamping of both my Etsy and my page the first three weeks of January.

After much consideration, I have decided to integrate some safe plastics into my packaging. I will still offer glass for most of my items, of course. I have been doing extensive research into the area of plastics, as glass is costly to ship as well as fragile. Plastic packaging for items like my Cold Cream, Body Butter, Lotions, and Shampoo will not only offer a less expensive option, but a more kid/travel-safe option as well. I will also be adding some additional sizes in many of my glass jars, so you will have more options as far as size choices for each product.

I will also be expanding my fragrance selection to include some phthalate-free fragrances for items like soaps and sprays. Many items will now be offered in Essential Oil Scents as well as fragrances. I will continue to use Essential Oils in all of my formulations, but will offer the other fragrances as a custom option at your discretion. Although phthalate-free fragrances to not pose the endocrine disrupting threat of many on the market, there is still risk of allergy (as with any fragrance.) Using fragrances will allow me to offer many scents that were previously unobtainable naturally. Some scents that I will be stocking will include; Tutti Frutti, Almond, Apple Pie, Blossom, Buttercream, Honey Dew, Hyacinth, Love Spell Type, Strawberry, Pink Sugar Type, Plumeria, and many more! Please feel free to comment any scents you would like to see :)

I will also be updating all my my item descriptions, pictures, and prices - so all items will be on both pages and there will be more information about each product and who it is for. This past year has given me a lot of great ideas for how to better meet your needs and offer the best products possible. I am really excited for the re-vamp and for the upcoming year.

For now, I am finishing up Christmas orders and preparing to visit family for the holidays. I look forward to showing you guys all of the new products, packaging, and much more!


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