August Update // Hyaluronic Acid Serum // Big Things

Hello Beauties, it has been a very busy month for me here at Bear's Beauty. I am very excited to be working on some new things. Sets for Christmas, as well as updated skin care sets are on their way.

Work on my Clean Rinse Cleansing Oil is coming along well. I am super excited to be releasing that within the next month or so.

I have also started work on some lighter moisturizers as well as a day cream with SPF. I am really excited to be integrating Hyaluronic Acid into some of my products as well. Hyaluronic Acid has the unique ability to draw moisture into your skin, plumping up fine lines, as well as improving hydration. - I am madly in love with this stuff. It helps provide deep moisture without any kind of oil. I am working on some mild peels as well, to help with scarring.

I am also working on some body care products with Salycilic Acid that will be great for things like Acne and Breakouts. A spray will be super easy to apply and great for areas like your back. My plan is to make products that can be used on your face or your body, so that if you have breakouts on larger areas, you can use one product instead of needing to buy several.

I am also in the process of finding some help, now that business is picking up, I am definitely going to need some help. If you are in the Atlanta area, please contact me if you are interested in a possible internship / part-time position.

I will be updating some products, kits, and some things will be removed from the offering list. If you love something, and can't find it, email me. I will make it for you. I am working to streamline before the Holidays hit.

In other news, My AC broke on the 11th of this month. I now understand why Atlanta as not very populated until after the invention of AC. It has been almost 80 degrees inside the house most days. This slowed me down more than expected, and I have included 1 time 50% off codes in anyone's order who was delayed. Some products simply can't be made at that temperature.

The AC is finally back up and running, but the inspiration has not left my brain. I am working on a body butter for summer with moisture absorption and cooling. Because no one wants to feel sticky as soon as leaving the shower.

I am working on a blog about Deodorant for, so be watching out.

Stay Beautiful! Stay Green! - Jerra


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