Why Commercial "Cleansing Oils" are NOT the same as Bear's Beauty Cleansing Oils // OCM

If you have been into a drugstore or grocery store in the last few months, you have seen a cleansing oil or two. Maybe you have never heard of such a thing, or maybe you are well aware of the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM.) Either way, chances are, you are curious about the concept. As an Indie skin care line, I am both happy and irritated to see "Oil Cleansers" on the shelves in mainstream stores. I have been getting a lot of questions about the OCM and drugstore cleansing oils especially.

About 90% of the "Oil Cleansers" on the market, as far as commercial brands go, are made of almost 100% mineral oil. For most people, these "Oil Cleansers" are going to be the only kind of exposure people have to more natural / alternative products. The sad part is, it is basically Baby Oil in a smaller bottle. I have been actively detoxing my life from petrochemicals, especially mineral oil and petroleum. Many of the chemicals used in the process of refining petroleum are left in the end product. Mineral Oil also does not benefit the skin, other than coating it. The idea of using mineral oil to wash your face, and expecting your skin to like it ... is absurd to me. But, 99% of the population does not know the first thing about cosmetic chemistry, and so they are tricked by clever marketing.

If you suffer with breakouts or sensitive skin, chances are you have spent a ton of money on skin care. I bet you have tried hundreds of creams, serums, washes, scrubs, and treatments in an attempt to get your skin to behave. That was my story too, until I was about 25. My love of cosmetics drove me to get a job in the salon industry and I eventually got fed up with the money I spent on products that didn't work.

Organic Hemp Seed Oil was one of the first oils that I researched, because it was touted as being great for acne. Cleansing my skin with a mixture of Hemp Seed Oil and other oils changed my skin. Hemp Seed Oil has the perfect balance of Omega fatty Acids 3 + 6 + 9. It also happens to be a very light oil, so it is cleansing when used as an oil cleanser. Castor Oil is often used in cleansing oils, but I find there is no need when using Hemp Seed Oil.

So, what makes my cleansing oils different from most of the other ones on the market?

*100% Natural

*Essential Oils, Therapeutic Grade only

*Non-Comedogenic Botanical Oils

*Multi-Use (Oil Cleanser, Moisturizer, Bath Oil, Body Oil, Face Oil, Baby Oil, Hair Oil, Makeup Remover)

*No artificial emulsifiers or preservatives

*Truly good for your skin + nourishing + raw



If you are nervous about trying an Oil Cleanser, try double cleansing. Like everything, you can customize any routine for your skin.

You can double cleanse two ways.

1. Oil + Oil

Quick oil cleanse by massaging a dime size amount into face and then eyes last to remove makeup. Wipe away with cotton or cloth.

Then, deep cleanse by massaging oil into still dry skin for 3-5 minutes. Remove with warm damp cloth, tone, serum, and moisturize. You can use a few drops of cleansing oil as your moisturizer.

2. Oil + Foaming Cleanser

Oil Cleanse lightly with oil to remove makeup and massage into face 1-3 minutes, massage into closed eyes last, and then remove with cloth - OR - massage my Apple Amino Acid Foaming Face Wash into oil and then rinse.

*** If you want to be super low-maintenance; rub a quarter size pool of oil into face for two minutes, remove, and go to bed :0)


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