Troubleshooting the OCM : Texture + Tiny Bumps

I have recently had a few customers asking me about what to do about tiny bumps or texture when using the OCM. When you first start using the OCM there is an adjustment period, often referred to as “purging.” Purging is when your skin is starting to detox and cell turnover is being increases. It is a normal part of the process. However, if you have new deep cystic pimples, redness, itching, swelling, or any kind of discomfort; stop using at once. If you are experiencing dryness, texture, clogged pores, or little bumps; read on.

It is not unheard of that as seasons or hormones change, your skin may also change. Sometimes you need to adjust your cleansing oil to suit your skin.

In my experience this tends to happen in women who wear makeup or sunscreen. It also tends to be very early into oil cleansing, typically the first two weeks. While many skin issues are linked to diet, and I encourage you to look into diets for clear skin, we can address some of the imbalances from the surface. Oil cleansing tends to “reveal” your true skin type. When your skin is not being stripped by harsh cleansers, it is allowed to balance. You may have believed yourself to have “oily” skin your entire life, just to find yourself dry a month into oil cleansing.

The beauty of oil cleansing is the ability to adjust your oil blend based on what your skin needs. I typically recommend starting with either #0 or #00. These are both considered “dry” oil blends and help to quickly thin sebum and begin the detox process. For some, there is no detox, just an extra bump or two. In my case, I had about a two month detox phase. It really took pure bull-headed determination to stick with the OCM.

I want to first give you some tips and tricks.

About 50% of skin issues have to do with Exfoliation or Hydration. Be sure to exfoliate regularly and drink lots of water. Seriously, that is the number one tip. 

1.       Always use a clean cloth. Wash cloth regularly with Castile Soap.
2.       Do not use regular cotton terry cloth; always use gentle microfiber, muslin, or flannel.
***When you first get natural skincare, consider switching laundry soap to something without fragrance. 
3.       Do not change your oil blend more than every four days.
4.       Do not use foaming cleansers, scrubs, or harsh toners. This is especially important the first two months.
5.       Only do the OCM once a day, preferably at night. Some people can only do the OCM 3-4 times a week. Listen to your skin; look at the OCM as a deep cleansing routine. On days where you don’t wear makeup or work out, you can probably skip the OCM and use something like the Plain Jane Cleansing Grains, Micro Exfoliating Face Scrub, or Super Natural Cleansing Gel. These are also great options for your AM cleanse.
6.       Exfoliation is key for clear skin. Depending on your skin concern, you should be using a physical and /or chemical exfoliator at least 2-3 times per week. If you are only using the oil cleanser, make sure you use your damp microfiber on your skin for a little longer after the oil is removed, moving in gentle circular motions. Bear’s Beauty has a range of scrubs, peels, and cleansing grains for all skin concerns.
7.       Change your pillowcase nightly for a week and try to keep your hair off your face at night. If it helps, it may be one of your hair products causing you to breakout.
8.       Try using Witch Hazel 2-3 times throughout the day to cleanse skin of pollution and debris, as well as refresh. Use toner 3-5 minutes before doing the OCM instead of after, so you don’t strip the natural protective oils.

One of the things that I love the most about the OCM is the ability to customize everything about the routine for what best suits your skin at any given time. One of the most important parts of getting rid of texture and bumps is the removal process. Double cleansing is one of the best ways to address congested pores, especially when you are first using the OCM.

You only want to double cleanse when you are wearing makeup or sunscreen or when you are struggling with congested pores. Once your skin starts to clear up, you can do just one round of the OCM and double cleanse just 1-2 times per week.

How to Double OIL Cleanse:

*Massage dime-quarter size pool of oil between palms and then into dry face and neck. Massage, using gentle pressure, but enough pressure that you can feel the texture of bumps and imperfections under your finger tips. There should be enough oil that your hands move freely over your skin and do not tug or pull. Add more oil as you cleanse, if you need it.

*Wet your microfiber cloth with warm, but not hot water. Hot water will damage the skin and cause redness, but you want warm enough water to help soften the oil and remove it. Gently steaming the pores helps dislodge clogged pores and debris. Wring out excess water and lay the warm cloth over your face until cool. Gently wipe some of the oil as you remove the cloth. Wring it out, re-wet, and repeat. (If you have acne or active breakouts, use a dry cloth to remove oil. )

*After second gentle steaming, use damp cloth to gently wipe away the rest of the oil. Be careful not to tug or pull your skin. Use gently circular motions to remove the oil. All excess oil should be removed.

*Once skin is dry, repeat the above process. The first cleanse helps remove surface pollution, makeup, sunscreen, and dead skin cells. The second cleanse helps to thin clogged pores, deeply detox, and soothe skin. After the second cleanse, you do not need to use any other products. If you choose, you can mist skin with a gentle floral water and then apply a serum and or face oil.

*You can also do a second cleanse with an exfoliator or gentle face wash.

Once you find you no longer have texture and small bumps, you can just do one oil cleanse every night and then occasionally a double cleanse as a deep detox.
Using a clay mask 2-3 times per week is a really great way to keep pores clear.

As your skin changes, you can adjust your routine as well as your oil.

If you have questions, feel free to email me


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