MISBEHAVING SKIN : What it is to Bear's Beauty

Chances are, if you are at this post, you have what I call "Misbehaving Skin." The truth is, I have been using this term for so much of my life, it only recently occurred to me that not everyone is familiar with the phrase.

From the age of about twelve on, I had acne. I didn't just have acne. I had bacne, shoulder-cne, chest-cne ... and I was super pale. So, each and every blemish showed, bright red, long after healing. I had acne, acne scars, and then I had course hair when that became a thing mid-high school. I was blonde, but my body hair grew in like an old Italian man. I then had hormonal acne, cystic acne, and ingrown hairs to throw in the mix. My Mother, literally the sweetest woman on the planet, didn't want me to think I had "bad" skin. So, we started to say that my skin was "Misbehaving."

Funny, now that I look back, what a huge impact that phrase had on my self-confidence. Yeah, I had breakouts, but my skin was just misbehaving. It gave me a sense of a light at the end of the tunnel, of the impermanence of the situation, Granted, I didn't know that then, but self-talk is very important.

The name "Misbehaving" also speaks to the number of skin concerns addressed in this one specific oil blend. As I listed above, my skin didn't have just one issue. As I got older, and was diagnosed with PCOS, hormonal fluctuations became the norm. As did the breakouts that came with them. I had to find a solution that worked all the time, not just when my skin was sort of broken out.

This blend helps address concerns with excess oil, dryness, acne, scarring, hormonal acne, ingrown hairs, clogged pores, blackheads, picking scars, post-acne scarring, redness, flaking, and has a host of anti-bacterial properties.

I have integrated this essential oil into facial scrubs, washes, serums, and even a body version.

I use the Body Scrub + Body Serum to keep my whole body clear, great for booties!


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