An Open Letter to Bear's Beauty Customers & Friends + SHOP UPDATE

My Dearest Friends,

I want to first thank each and every one of you. It is only thanks to your support that my little shop has grown so exponentially over the last few years. Many things that once seemed like far-off dreams, I now find within my grasp. This shop, and all that has come with it, has been an immense blessing, and it is because of my gratitude for this gift, that I seek to be as worthy of it as possible.

The shop and products have evolved over the last few years along with me. As I have learned and improved, so have the formulations. Over the last few months, however, there has been a perceptible decline in my ability to keep up. The truth is, for most of my adult life, I have battled with depression and past unresolved trauma. Until February of 2017 I was an active, but functioning alcoholic. It was not until I got sober in 2017 that things in my life really started to change. I had been using alcohol to numb a number of issues, that needed to be resolved. Why am I sharing this with you? Because I want to share anything with you that may help, just one person, feel a little less alone. I also believe in transparency, and I want to level with you about what has been going on and the plans I have for the future.

In October of 2017 I was faced with the loss of someone close to me. In this wake, I realized that there was so much more that I could be doing with my life, as well as with my brand. I was inspired to begin work on launching (a working title, I am open to name suggestions for the new company.) is the beginning of me expanding my offerings to include many more therapeutic products, and products geared toward pain & anxiety relief. My passion is truly helping people, and not only with issues like acne and wrinkles, but with chronic pain and other issues that can be helped with emerging botanical research.

For the last six months, I have been evaluating and preparing the shop for a big transition. Integrating new knowledge gained over the last year, I am upgrading all of my formulations with the most ideal and advanced combinations of oils and natural preservation systems. I am also upgrading all of our bottles, many will be Violet Glass, and I am adding in re-fill sizes as well as samples. Violet Glass will not only keep your products fresh longer without preservatives, but also eliminates the need to refrigerate many of the more delicate products like Cold Cream or Hydrosol.

 I will be releasing sets, geared toward specific skin concerns, as well as duos of products that work well together. I will also be adding a "READY SHIP" section, where items are made and ship within 5 days. My plan, is to have several deodorant and toothpaste flavors as standing offerings here. I am updating our logo as well as labels, so they are easier to read and have more of the information you want.

The last few months have been full of change for me, and the shop. Things have been a hectic, and real life continued to step in. I have learned a lot from this, and I understand better how to prepare for the future. My goal is to get a reliable partner in here to help me take BB to the World, while also providing you with the best possible service and improved turnaround speeds.

On a personal level, the last six months were integral in getting me to where I needed to be emotionally and spiritually. I am not happy that it caused delays, but I am happy that it will help me to prevent larger ones in the future. It is time for this one-woman business to get some more hands in the kitchen :) 

I am so beyond excited for the next year!


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