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Not only do we offer a host of natural deodorant in several strengths and formulations, but we have a ton of scent options. Using natural deodorant shouldn't mean that you smell like a Christmas tree or your aunt who went to Woodstock (unless you want to.) So, while I offer both of those options (Balsam + Pine and Patchouli, respectively) I also offer clean scents like Lavender. Below I talk about each blend, who it might be most ideal for, and some of the benefits of the essential oils themselves. If you have trouble with choosing scents over the internet, keep in mind these are true scents, so our grapefruit comes right from the smells just like the grapefruit at your grocery store. The same for Vanilla, Lemon, Lavender, and Rose. Because we use the true botanicals, you smell what nature created.

Some scents are only offered on Etsy or by custom order.

Naked | Unscented (No Essential Oils)

Bergamot + Lime | Unisex, Clean, Fresh, Zesty | Bergamot from Italy smells like a slightly less sweet version of lime. Balanced with Persian Lime peel this blend is citrus with almost a spiciness. Perfect for everyone, ideal for men, teens, and those who love Lime!

OG Bubble Gum | Eucalyptus + Grapefruit + Spearmint + Ylang Ylang | Sweet and Sassy! This reminds me of the little barrel-shaped bubble gum I got as a child. This has the fruity, playful, spirit of bubble gum with notes of mint to round it out. Ideal for those who like something a little different.

Cedarwood + Cypress + Vetiver | Smoky and Rich, this blend is perfect for men. The scent is deep and smoky with earthy woody notes of Virginian Cedarwood and Sharp Cypress.

Citrus + Vanilla | Vanilla + Pink Grapefruit + Lemon + Lime + Sweet Orange |

Citrus Punch | Pink Grapefruit + Lemon + Lime + Sweet Orange |

Citrus Grove | Persian Lime + Bergamot + Lemongrass + Sweet Orange + Neroli + Lemon

Citrus Spice | Vanilla + Orange + Lemon + Cardamom + Cinnamon + Ginger + Clove + Patchouli, Like fall in a deodorant! Spicy, invigorating!

Clove + Vanilla | Like clove cigarettes for your armpits, sweet, smoky, sultry, and a little weird. 

Extra Strength – Lemongrass + Lemon + Tea Tree + Thyme + Patchouli, Unisex.  Spicy blend of essential oils known for deodorant properties.  This scent is offered in all strengths, it is Unisex and blended to fight odor and smell fresh! 

Forest - Balsam Fir + Rosemary + Lime + Clove + Pine, Masculine + Clean, perfect for Men! 

Grapefruit + Lavender – Pink Grapefruit + French Lavender, My second favorite, uniquely clean and sweet. Perfect for those who just want to smell good. 

Lavender + Lemon – Walking through the French countryside sipping lemonade, in a deodorant. Unisex. 

Lavender + Tea Tree – Classic + Clean, Unisex, Lavender with just a touch of Tea Tree. 

Lavender + Sage – Sage has been used for ages to purify, combined with the softness of Lavender, this blend is clean with a cool herbal edge. Ideal for anyone who likes the idea of wearing a smudge stick. 

Lavender + Vanilla – Warm + Sweet + Feminine + Clean

Lemon + Vanilla – Italian Lemon and Cold-Extracted creamy vanilla. Very clean and sweet. Lemon Cream + Sweet + Tart + Lemony

Lemongrass + Lemon - Unisex + fresh + Citrusy

Manuka + Vanilla + Grapefruit - Feminine. An interesting scent, sweet, almost honyed scent.
Oakmoss - Oakmoss + Citrus + Violet Leaf + Vetiver + Lavender + Vanilla,  Masculine + Clean + Earthy

Orange + Vanilla - Sweet + Classic

Patchouli + Grapefruit - Classic Hippie Chic + Sultry + Sexy

Ylang + Ylang + Vanilla – Sweet and Floral


Bergamot + Rose

Rose + Vanilla

Rose + Ylang Ylang + Jasmine

Jasmine + Vanilla

Jasmine + Ylang Ylang + Patchouli


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