More Information About Oil Cleansing

1. QUICK OIL CLEANSING - Great for those who don't wear makeup or for morning cleansing. Massage a dime size pool of oil between palms to warm.

Massage into dry face and neck in circular motions for 2-5 minutes. Remove with dry or damp microfiber cloth. No need to follow with anything else.

2. DEEP OIL CLEANSING - This is one of my favorite ways to use cleansing oil. Pump a dime to quarter size pool of oil into hands. Massage into dry face and neck. massage using gentle pressure in circular motions, focusing on congested areas. Massage for 5-10 minutes. I typically do this while watching TV. Let the oil sit on your skin for a few minutes. Remove oil with dry or damp cloth. You can choose to follow with a mask to help remove clogged pores that have been softened with the cleansing oil. OR follow with toner + serum + moisturizer of your choice. I typically do a deep cleanse 2-3 times per week.

3. DOUBLE OIL CLEANSING - Follow #1 to break down makeup, massaging oil into closed eyes last. Remove with dry cloth and then repeat. Follow #2. You can also use the OCM first, remove with a cloth, and then follow with a foaming face wash or scrub.

4. MOISTURIZER - Apply to damp skin in or out of shower or anytime you need moisture.

5. OIL MASK | You can leave this on for thirty minutes or longer as a deeply nourishing mask or mix with some clay and apply.


Integrating the OCM into your routine.

Can I use my sonic face brush?

Troubleshooting the OCM + Dealing with Tiny Bumps + Texture


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