End of May Review

It has been a crazy month for Bear's Beauty (me lol.) I have been working on several things all at once, and trying to get some awareness for my brand this past month.

As many of you know, I was invited out to Beverly Hills for the BET Awards in June. After much deliberation, I have chosen to post-pone my trip. I feel like I need to have things more established, and at least one employee before I launch a national marketing campaign. I have been invited out for the Emmy Awards in August, and am very excited about that trip! This will give me some time to streamline some things, and get all of my online ducks in a row. I feel that once I go out and introduce my product to celebrities, the brand is going to explode.

Hemp seed oil continues to amaze me, and I have even begun to incorporate Hemp flour and seeds into my recipes. I still have a few recipes in development, including a final shampoo mix. I have finally found a way to incorporate Coconut Milk while keeping the shelf life.

I am working with a company called "Hemp Box" - you should check them out at TheHempBox.com. I will be a regular fixture in their new monthly subscription box, and cannot tell you how excited I am about the work they are doing to bring Hemp back!

I am also working with a local group called EcoCentric Mom, who is also going to be including me in their July/August Subscription Box. If you are a Mom or Mom to Be, check out their great page! They curate amazing natural products for the busy mom!

One of my favorite new products is my Vegan Cleansing Balm. I have taken everything I love about cleansing oil, and made it into a solid balm. No spills, no mess, and super travel-friendly!

I am gearing up for the Through the Veil event in Atlanta June 6-8th, and you are all welcome to come visit my table!

I have more orders to do tonight, but will be back soon to tell you guys more!

Stay Green!



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