May Update

I hope the first week of May has been kind to everyone! I have been swamped with orders and Bear's Beauty business! It is fantastic, but oh-so-tiring :)

I have decided to wait and attend the Emmys in August, instead of the BET Awards in two weeks. I am in the middle of several things all at once, and want to make sure that everything is *perfect for the trip to California. The company putting on the event has been extremely understanding and accommodating, and such a joy to communicate with. It is nice to feel comfortable as a small business talking about something as major as the Emmys.

I am also almost done with my packaging transition! I am moving most products over to Amber UV-protective glass, and more "professional" printed labels. It has been a lot of work, but totally worth it. I really feel like the aesthetic of my product is finally where I want it.

I am also in the process of finishing up and testing some final ideas for the line. I really want to get everything on the page that you guys have asked for. A very sweet customer has commissioned a hand salve for her husband, and it turns out to be EPIC! It is a Shea Butter and Beeswax Salve/Cream to be used at night as a treatment for feet and hands. I am in love already. I want to get that up, as well as the Vitamin C Serum (My Mom's new favorite!)

I have recently started branching out into some color options, and hope to have some body shimmer powder (already a shimmering body butter here > I use only plant pigments and mineral Mica to color my products. I hope to have a range of simple cosmetics soon, including eyeliner and foundation.

I am going to totally revamp the store in September with new pictures of all my products. Until then, some things on the page may not be exact representations of what you are getting, but I promise you will love it :0)

I am very excited to be headed up to Indiana for the weekend to see my best friend for her wedding! I have a TON of products for my family up there, and I am hoping they love the new body butter.

I am working on streamlining the line, so if you have ideas, or is a really good time to get in touch :-)

I will fill you guys in on my trip when I get back, off to make more of Bob's Hand Salve :)


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