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Hey Beauties!

I am so excited about my blog today. I have been working on makeup products this week in between orders. I have been experimenting with a few different types of primer, so that you guys have the best possible experience with mineral makeup.

I bought a few commercial primers, but found that the Dimethicone/Silicone-based primers on the market really don't do your skin any favors when it comes to priming for mineral makeup. Mineral makeup is really interesting, because instead of being mixed with a liquid, it makes a sort of cream on your face. The natural oils of your skin blend in with the minerals to give you coverage without being cakey. Most of the primers that I tried were so slick, the makeup didn't want to stick.

I then got to whipping up some potions in the kitchen. I finally came up with a really nice priming cream, using Shea Butter, Aloe, and several other oils. The primer was nice and moisturizing, and helped the makeup adhere much better than any of the commercial primers. I was, however, worried about those of you who have trouble with oil. I decided to keep using the priming cream, but also look at some other options.

Another issue with the priming cream, was the wear of your makeup. Although it did initially help extend the wear, after about six hours, I had to blot. My skin's oil plus the cream just couldn't make it past six hours. This whole time, I had been using my Makeup Setting Spray. I love this stuff, because it helps set your makeup, as well as gives a nice dewy finish to your mineral makeup. I don't use any type of shimmer in my foundation, so it has a matte finish.

I decided to try using the Setting Spray as a primer (something I was doing, but stopped when the weather got dry.) After I take a shower, and wash my face in the shower, I apply my Acne Serum. Because I tend be be on the oily side, I then apply a tiny bit of my cold cream and let it sink in. I pat my face after about 5 minutes to remove any excess oil. I follow with a healthy spritz of the Setting Spray, and allow that to dry.

I applied my mineral makeup as usual, but felt like it looked cakey. So, I got on the internet and started looking for something different. What I figured out, is that I could make a mineral powder that would be both a setting and a priming powder. Back to the kitchen, and a mineral setting and priming powder was born.

The combination of the Makeup Setting Spray and Mineral Setting Powder was the key. To get the best application, I spritzed my face with the Setting Spray and allowed it to dry, once dry I dusted my entire face with the Mineral Setting Powder. This gave me a perfect base to buff my minerals into. I applied my mineral foundation, blush, and then bronzer. Finally, I set everything with the Mineral Powder again. At this point, you are really done, but if you prefer a more dewy look, you can spritz lightly with the setting powder again.

The wear was great, and it never became slimy or oily. When I did get slightly oily, a quick dusting of the Mineral Setting Powder left my makeup looking just as fresh as when I applied it.


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