IndieGoGO, Portable Toothpaste, New Natural Preservative, New Foaming Products and Beach Waves

It has been quite some time since I had a minute to post a blog. All kinds of things have happened over the last month. One of those things, is my IndieGoGo campaign. I started a crowdfunding campaign about two weeks ago. This has been a humbling experience to say the least. Initially, I decided to start a campaign because I kept seeing articles about all these silly projects getting funded. One guy had potato salad that made like ten grand, POTATO SALAD! I have been trying to do a lot of things with not very much money...including hire help, move, continue to keep ingredients stocked, and feed myself and my puppies. Now, I have considered getting a second job, but as I am already in need of more help, I can't justify taking any time away from Bear's Beauty. Anyhow, I launch my campaign...

The next morning a customer leaves a negative review on the very page I have linked all my campaign info back to. I freak out, attempt to delete the campaign, and then decide to handle the situation. The customer is always right, and in this case, she had been confused my some of my labeling... totally my fault. So, I made her a new set and sent it to her, asking her to please review it when she had a chance. Two weeks later, this is the message I got from her :)

I cannot tell you how unbelievably impressed I was to get your package in the mail. You have shown exactly what good businesses do - make sure the customer is satisfied. I so appreciate you completely reformulating the products I ordered. I used up the cleansing oil and the mud mask you sent, and I am halfway through the acne serum and rose argan milk. There is a lot of cold cream left, but I really like it and obviously a little goes a long way. I would like to purchase a large container of the reformulated mud mask you sent, I LOVE that stuff!! I think I will be out of the rose argan milk soon, so I would like to buy that too. If there is a way to redo my reviews of your products, please let me know because I will gladly update them with the praise they deserve.

How incredibly touched I was. It had been so hurtful to read anything negative about my products. I put so much love into them, but the reality is... criticism helps us improve. It also made me realise that there were ways I could improve things and make changes even without extra funding. I must admit, it was my Aunt Penny who made me think about sending her another set. I am so very blessed to be surrounded by people who care about me so much! So, that is the IndieGoGo... it is up, and you may contribute. I really need dishes to make skin care in, I make all 200 of my products in about ten bowls and glass dishes. I also could use this software program to help me organize my recipes, which are currently all hand-written. Anyhoo... I hate asking for things, but here is the link.

OK, so that is all that hullaballoo... and now I want to talk about some other things that have gone on. I finally got some containers in that are a good option for a "squeezable" toothpaste container. Many of you have asked, and I am happy to say they are here. I will be listing them as time allows, but if you are interested, just message me :)

I am also BEYOND STOKED that I have finally found an effective and totally natural preservative for my creams and lotions. Right now, I only have two basic face creams. This is soon to change, as I now can provide you a lot more product that will last longer without need to refrigerate. I will be integrating this new ORGANIC and 100% Natural plant extract into my creams, so be looking out for some new things!

Along these same lines, I have finally found a surfactant (soap) that I like WAY more than Castile Soap. Organic Handmade Castile Soap is great as a Body Wash, Face Cloth Wash, and many other things...BUT it sucks for your hair and face. I have been using a Castile Soap Face Wash Base that I make here in house for two years. The issue is, I really can only recommend the current formula to combo or oil skin and some people just love foaming face washes. The OCM lends itself to a two-step process (OCM and then Foaming Face Wash.) Castile soap has a PH of around 9, which can lead to problems long term with the strength of your hair and your face. Basically, I found an Organic Apple-based soap that I will be using in my face wash, to create a few more versions, as well as a new SHAMPOO!!! That's right, shampoo will be coming soon!

Ok... so these two things alone are ePIC, and make a big difference in what I can offer you guys.

Last on my list to talk about is my Sea Salt Texture Spray.... This stuff is like mermaid in a bottle. You just spray it on damp or dry hair, scrunch as it dries, and then spray again for more texture. I promise you won't be disappointed. I have also be braiding my almost dry hair and the spraying and letting dry while braided.

I have some other exciting news, but that will be next week! Much love!!!



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