March Update

March has been full of amazing and beautiful things for Bear's Beauty. Without your constant support, I would not be here, so I want to start with a BIG THANK YOU! Some of you have been with me from the beginning, and each one of you has been an integral part in this baby of mine growing. I wanted to give a quick shout-out to Deb B, Deb E, Vicki M, Theresa Z, Gwen, Garnet and Stephanie, Aunt Helen, Doc, and my family! I also want to say a huge thank you too the Natural Dog Company, who's owner Elice is an absolute peach! If you have a pup, I encourage you to take a look around her page. Her creations are crafted with care and absolutely adorable. One last shout out to Tie Dye by Sandy, Ms. Sandy is the sweetest gal you could hope to meet and an ABSOLUTE genius when it comes to Tie Dye. She makes custom orders as well as has a stock of lovely items ready to ship.

Ok, so I bet you guys would like to know what's new with my line, and what is coming up this summer.

My first piece of exciting news is concerning a new preservative for my creams, toothpaste, and mud masks. I have been looking for almost two years for a natural preservative that was truly natural, not just a chemical concoction. I also wanted it to be beneficial to the formulation, and not just a preservative, As many of you know, there are some items in my store that must be refrigerated or used within a month or two. I have gotten feedback that a longer shelf life would make it easier for you guys to stay stocked with your favorite products and that you would like to be able to get bigger sizes.

Leucidal is the answer. It is a natural preservative made from Radish Root Ferment by isolating a specific enzyme in the fermented Radish Root that kills bacteria. Basically, this extract keeps bacteria and mold from growing in formulas with water, (If you make your own creams at home, or sell them, you're welcome! ) The best thing, besides extending the shelf life of my products by several months, is that that Radish Root Ferment Filtrate (perhaps why they gave it a snappy name like Leucidal) helps your skin retain more moisture over time. Woot woot! Good and good for you. I am working quickly to integrate this into all my products with water before the summer. During this transition, there may be some label discrepancy, but I am working to catch all of those. If you happen to be allergic to Radish, I can totally leave it out for you.

The next exciting addition from my new supplier is Apple Amino Acid Surfactant. Ok...what? I know, its pretty much a new gentle soap. I have been using Castile Soap in many of my recipes,  but found it too harsh. All natural does not automatically mean gentle. So, I have been searching for something better. I finally found it! This soap is made with just Apple Amino Acids (the fats from apples.) I have been integrating it into many of my products and replacing the Castile Soap. One place this is particularly important is for those of you doing the OCM. This is the ONE foaming face wash that is truly gentle and won't strip your skin, and makes a great second step cleanser after your oil. It also is going into my new Shampoo. Be looking out for some new foaming options and reformulations of my baby bath and face wash.

I am constantly listening to your feedback and taking things you request into consideration! Keep the suggestions coming!


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