Happy May!

Hey Beauties, I hope you are all doing well :O) It has been a while since I sat down and checked in with you guys. I am really excited about a lot of the big things coming up this summer. It has already been a crazy busy spring.

As some of you know, I am in the final testing of my Apple Shampoo. The Apple-Based Surfactant is already a permanent fixture in my line, and can be found in all my Foaming Face Washes. I have a few different versions, but they all work the same. You can also find this amazing soap in my Daily Detox Honey and Jojoba Scrub, with a new foaming version, that makes it easier to rinse. The Apple Amino Acid soap is made using the same process as traditional soap, but using fatty acids from Apple Juice, instead o traditional oil. The resulting soap is gentle, has a neutral PH, and isn't full of chemical crap. The other great thing, it doesn't strip your skin. It also makes a really great addition to the OCM. Sometimes when you are using the OCM, you don't have time or energy to steam your face with the cloth. Any of my foaming face washes can be massaged right into the dirty oil on your face, and rinsed off. This has really been amazing for me in the evenings. I remove most of the cleansing oil and my makeup along with it, and then wash my face with the Naked Foaming Face Wash. Some nights I mix a few drops of Acne Serum with a blop of Breakout Busting Butter, and apply that overnight.

I am also in final stages of my CBD Salve, and am working on integrating CBD into several of my products. I am also working on updating a few of my formulas. My Deodorant, for example, will soon have a Probiotic option, as well as a Baking Soda Free version in some scents. I am constantly listening to you guys, and working to make my products the best they can be.

Another really cool project is an Oats and Honey Body Creme, Oats and Flax Hair Pudding, and a Sleeping Cream. All three are very special and use new nourishing ingredients. The Sleeping Cream in particular is a copy of an old French recipe, known around the world for its benefits.

In my personal life, I am in the process of buying my first home, as well as preparing for a short trip to see my family, before my festivals this summer. It is busy busy busy :)

As always, thank you for your support, and feel free to message me about trying any products that I am working on :)


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