What else is going on in my Life ATM

I wanted to take some time to share with you guys all of the things that are going on right now. I get caught up in maintaining business things day to day, and forget to share with you guys.

Its almost summer and I am already pretty booked, as far as events and things go. Taking the leap to start selling in person at festivals and craft fairs has most definitely been stressful. You see, I started Bear's Beauty as a mainly online business. The way orders come in, I am able to buy supplies as I need them, or as I run out. This makes it so that I am only keeping a minimal amount of raw ingredients at one time, and also helps me make sure the oils are nice and fresh. As business has grown, I have started to learn new ways to do things and save myself a little time, without sacrificing the integrity of my products. Selling in person is a whole different animal. I have to build up a big inventory, but due to the nature of my products, I can only do so a few weeks in advance of an event.

Let me tell you, figuring out how to make $2000 worth of product on top of the orders coming in has certainly been interesting. I am learning every day, and so grateful for the friends and family helping me through it.

While I have been growing my business, I have also been setting down roots. At 27, I am ready to buy my first home. Buying a home has become an integral part of keeping Bear's Beauty running. Soon, I hope to start work on a small greenhouse here on the property I have been renting. I live about an hour north of Atlanta, in a suburb called Lawrenceville. Somehow in the middle of this developed area, my Momma managed to find a Natural Sanctuary. I have been living in this home for ten years, and was at a point where I thought I was going to have to give up and sell it. As any of you know, moving is stressfull enough as it is ... let alone when you have to move while maintaining orders. I love this house and I love what it represents. It has become a place of solace for all of my friends. It is a positive place and allows me to wake up surrounded by nature. Bear's Beauty has allowed me the ability to keep the home that I love, and to provide a home for others in need. This in and of itself is such a huge blessing, I cannot ever thank you enough. Its funny, but as much as my customers thank me for making my products, I am so grateful for the career it has allowed me. So, I am now in the process of talking to banks and getting a mortgage. I have never been so excited about incurring a bill in my life.

Ten years ago, I moved from Indiana to Georgia. It was not a planned move, but a forced one. the circumstances were very unpleasant, and making it through the ordeal that caused the move was something I will never forget. I left behind all of my friends and family that I had grown up with. This coming May, I get to go back home and see all my old friends from high school. I was in the middle of my senior year at my private Catholic School when we moved. I had known the same 40 classmates all through school, and in one day had to leave without saying goodbye. My High School reunion is really special to me, and I am so happy that I get to go. I also get to spend some much needed time with my Momma and baby brother. The trip will be fun, but comes only a week before my first festival.

I am also in the process of working with a few subscription boxes. This is always really exciting, because it means tons of people will get my products in their hands. It gives me a reach that I could never manage alone. Filling orders for 2000 items is another big thing for me. I got my first big purchase order today, and all but cried. Watching Bear's Beauty grow, and become so much bigger than myself is humbling to say the least.

Thank you, for allowing me to continue my dream and to share it with others.


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