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Toothpaste is one of the first products that I started looking at formulating. I did hours and hours of research, months of testing, and a whole lot of having people try formulas.

I offer five different Oral Cleaning Options. I wanted to take some time to talk about some of the ingredients, as well as the benefits of each formula. I am also going to explain the differences in the formulas.

Both the Original and Chocolate formulas come in a Thick paste formula, but can be thinned easily with distilled water at home, or by request by me.

1. Original Toothpaste - Everyone, People with Sensitive Teeth, Expecting Mothers - Shelf life between 2-3 months, look at #5 for an alternative. This toothpaste is my personal favorite. The paste is smooth and creamy as well as being remineralizing. The Bentonite Clay + Distilled Water base is full of bio-available calcium, because this formula is Glycerin-free, your teeth are able to absorb all the lovely minerals in this formula. This paste is made for all ages, but specifically for those having sensitivity. This formula is PACKED with good things. Organic Coconut Oil + Aluminum-Free Baking Soda help kill bacteria and clean your mouth. Bentonite Clay, as well as helping re-mineralize, also happens to hold onto toxins.

2. Cocoa Toothpaste - Everyone, People with Sensitive Teeth, Expecting Mothers, Kiddos - This is the same base as #5, but with Organic Raw Cocoa Powder added. Can you imagine how happy I was to find out that Cocoa is naturally alkaline, it helps prevent cavities? I was pretty happy. As a true lover of Chocolate, this toothpaste is creamy and tastes of brownie batter! No worries though, it is sweetened with Stevia. The best part? If your kiddo swallows this toothpaste, its totally fine. This is for all those coffee drinkers who cringe at the thought of Mint + Coffee.

3. Tooth Powder - Campers, Hikers, Military, Travelers, DIY Folks - The same base as the Original Toothpaste, but without Distilled Water + Coconut Oil. This powder is ideal for those concerned about shelf life, as the formula with water has a 2-3 month shelf life. This is a little strange feeling when just used dry on your teeth, but can easily be mixed with water + coconut oil fresh each week.

4. Black to Bright Tooth Polish - Coffee Drinkers, Smokers, Tea Drinkers, Hippies - This is the simplest past that I make. Just Activated Charcoal + Coconut Oil + Stevia + Essential Oils + Kaolin Clay. This past gently detoxifies and polishes teeth, revealing a whiter smile every time you brush.

5. Natural Toothpaste - Children, Travelers, New to Natural Toothpaste, Healthy Teeth without Cavities - This uses the same base as my original toothpaste, but this formula does not include water or bentonite clay. It has a long shelf life, good for up to eight months from the time of purchase. It is also white in color, and offers some re-mineralizing. The original formula offers better re-mineralization, but also has a much shorter shelf life. This is my second favorite, and more convenient than the original formula. I will continue to offer both versions, as I know some of you are in love with the original too :)

If you are just looking for a great natural toothpaste with no junk, go for # 1. From there, you can figure out what your preference is.


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