Skin Issues + Products for Acne + Dryness + Exfoliation + Body Acne

Winter and cold weather bring with them a whole host of skin issues. It seems like as soon as you put on your first long sleeve, you have dry skin or flakes that you didn't have before. I am here to address some skin woes and suggest some products for them.

* Dry Skin

This is a HUGE one. When the weather cools down, our skin needs extra moisture and protection. The best place to start is right in the shower. When your skin is wet and your pores are open, products are able to penetrate, as well as lock in moisture. Organic Hemp Seed Oil is epic for your skin. It is packed with Omega Fatty Acids, won't clog pores, and soaks in super fast.

If you are a scrub kind of person, this is my absolute favorite scrub for almost any skin issue. Exfoliation is a very key part of dealing with things like Acne, ingrown hairs, psoriasis, and dry skin. This extra gentle scrub will slough off dead skin, while the sugar draws moisture into your skin, and the oils gently nourish. When you rinse and pat dry, the oil left on your skin acts as your moisturizer, saving you a step. I use only Organic Cane Sugar and Organic Hemp Seed Oil, but you may also choose to add Therapeutic Essential Oils to your scrub. I offer over 40. - BONUS : This scrub can be used on your face, and then followed with a gentle toner for a perfect one-step exfoliator + oil cleanser in one.

If you aren't interested in scrubs or you are looking for some other option, you will love any of my Body Butters. These rich butters are made with over 50% Shea Butter, making them nourishing as well as protective. Shea Butter leaves a breathable layer over your skin, keeping moisture in and harsh weather out. Because my Body Butter is 100% Natural, and available unscented, it is safe for even the most sensitive skin. I make several versions, so that there is something for everyone, and I offer several Essential Oil scent options. Vanilla is my favorite, but I love Peppermint + Vanilla in the winter. These also make great gifts, who doesn't need a TRULY AMAZING moisturizer. Like all my products, you can use it for more than just one thing. Leave on overnight with socks for a foot treatment or dab a bit on dry ends to tame fly-aways.

Another great option for dry winter skin is my Everything Cream or HempSheAloe. Bear's Beauty Everything Cream is a blend of Shea Butter + Beeswax + Aloe Vera + Sunflower Oil that nourishes + hydrates. The Beeswax makes this a bit thicker than the HempSheAloe, making it a great hand cream. I like to keep a little jar in my purse and one in my car for when I am out and about. HempSheAloe is like nothing you have ever tried. A unique mix of Shea + Hemp Seed Oil + Aloe Vera without any wax, making it safe for even the most sensitive and Acne-prone skin. Use this balm head to toe without fear of breakouts. I like to blot excess oil from my face after a few minutes when I use this on my face. It leave your skin crazy soft.

* Dry Lips

Nothing is less attractive than scales of skin peeling off your lip. Unfortunately, sometimes your lips need a little extra help. A lip scrub is a great option. You can use it whenever you need to, and it leaves your lips feeling amazing.

I also make this Anti-Aging Lip Balm, which is essentially a serum for your lips that also protects them. The Cupuacu Butter in this formula actually holds ten times its weight in water, and helps hold moisture in your lips. If you are looking for a perfect lip balm, this one has been "borrowed" by even my guy friends. It is so smooth :)

*Psoriasis / Eczema / Scaly Skin

Winter seems to bring out the worst in my skin. It also seems to make every single allergy and skin issue I have end in dry + red patches. This used to be the story of my skin once the weather got cool, but now I have a few lines of defense. Organic Healing Whip is a very unique combination of Organic Oils + Therapeutic Essential Oils that help soothe all kinds of skin issues.

I will post a second set of products this week, feel free to comment below with your concerns :)


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