Natural Deodorant and How to Pick the Bear's Beauty DO for You

With so many natural deodorants on the market, and more launching daily, it can be hard to navigate. At Bear's Beauty my goal is to offer everything you need in one place. I offer options for those with allergies as well as different strengths.

I formulated my deodorant while living in an AC-less house in Atlanta in the summer. Let me tell you, I NEEDED it to work. I tested batch after batch ... and the number of times my friends were asked to sniff my armpits pretty much puts them in the running for Sainthood. No, really, like they sniffed my armpit not knowing if the deodorant would work or not in 100 degree weather. That is love. All of that being said, the result of that steamy summer in Georgia was a deodorant that was truly natural and actually works.

I have SUPER sensitive skin, like I breakout just looking at the wrong soap. My Original formula is what I tell everyone to start with, but I offer several options, because everyone is different.

 I know that once you try my deodorant, you won't ever use another.

Original is effective and 90% of people will have amazing results with that formula.

I also offer Extra Strength and Max Strength. Each is a step above the other as far as Baking Soda and Clay Content, but I still encourage you to start with original.

1. PROBIOTIC Deodorant Cream : Probiotics + Magnesium + Baking Soda-Free + Silky Cream in Jar + Wax-less : This works amazingly well along with my other sticks. The Baking Soda-Free version offers about 3 hours of protection, so it is something you need to re-apply. Using this under one of the other formulas extends the protection of the stick formula. Probiotics encourage healthy skin. This also now comes in a Baking Soda formula. This offers 5-7 hours of protection.

SENSITIVE and SENSITIVE CLEAR Hemp Deodorant : Magnesium + Clay + Baking Soda-Free + Creamy Stick : Ideal for those who already use natural deodorant and don't sweat a ton. Great for kids and teens. Also great as a night deodorant or after shaving.

ORIGINAL Hemp Deodorant :  Minerals + Clay + Essential Oils + : Lots of clays to keep you dry and absorb toxins. Bentonite Clay is ideal, when it gets wet (when you sweat) it becomes charged and attracts and absorbs toxins.

CLEAR Hemp Deodorant : Minerals + Essential Oils + Creamy Stick : Goes on clear ! Great for anyone who wears a lot of white or struggles with how much natural deodorant to apply. This is quickly becoming one of my best-sellers!

MAX STRENGTH + MAX CLEAR Hemp Deodorant : The most protection thanks to Minerals + Clay + Creamy Stick. Very gentle, great for everyone! If you use clinical strength now, try a pit detox and a stick of Original FIRST! Then, if you need it, this offers max protection.

The biggest difference between my Deodorant and Antiperspirant is that you will sweat when wearing mine. Now, before you freak out ... a little science behind why sweating is a good thing and why you won't stink.

Sweat does not stink, but where there is water; bacteria can grow. Bacteria that naturally live on your skin flourish in a damp and warm environment like your armpits.Antiperspirants literally stop you from sweating by blocking the sweat glands with Aluminum. Your body is supposed to sweat, and so the more you try to stop that process, the more you sweat.

Have you ever used an Antiperspirant for a few months just to have it stop working one day? Your body sweats to shed toxins. This is a natural and necessary process. When you block those pores, you inhibit your body's natural way of ridding itself of toxins and end up battling with sweat, typically more than if you were not using it. Aluminum has also been linked to some health concerns worth a Google.

Bear's Beauty Deodorant is formulated to prevent bacteria from growing so that you can sweat but you won't stink. Most people find after a few weeks, they actually sweat less than with traditional Antiperspirant. I feel this is because my products work with your body, not against it.

Many "Natural Deodorants" on the market are also not doing the concept justice. They are made using a Propylene Glycol base or so ineffective that no one would ever buy more than one. They come in jars that are hard to use and inevitably leave Deodorant under your nails. They are so reliant on Baking Soda that your armpits quickly become unbalanced and irritated.

My Deodorant is carefully formulated to be easy to apply, never sticky or greasy, long-lasting, truly natural, and effective.

What is the difference in each formula?

1. Probiotic Deodorant - Raw + Vegan + Baking Soda Free + Wax-Free + Formulated for the most sensitive skin + Coconut-Free + Gluten-Free + Easy to apply cream that will need to be applied throughout the day + Great for Kids + Teens + Pregnant Women + Those who have sensitivities to Baking Soda, Coconut, or Wax.

2. Original Deodorant  / Clear - Vegan + Ideal for almost everyone + Low but Effective Baking Soda Content + Great option for everyone from Children to Adults + Allows your body to sweat + Solid Stick + While some people have tried other "Natural" Deodorants and found them irritating, I have not had that problem at all. I encourage you to try this formula before opting for the Sensitive :)

3. Sensitive Skin Baking Soda Free - Great for those with sensitivities to baking soda but who need all day protection + Magnesium Hydroxide (also found in Milk of Magnesia ) offers protection from bacteria without causing irritation + Absorbs Excess Moisture

4. Max Strength Deodorant - The strongest formula that I make + Combined power of increased Baking Soda + Increased Magnesium Hydroxide + Essential Oil Blends made to last all day + Great for those who have stress sweat issues + need the maximum protection possible.

Will it work?

Yes! If you find that you need to re-apply, give it a few weeks, and then if it is still an issue upgrade to the next step up. So, if you are using Original and find you still need to apply more half way through your stick, get Extra Strength the next round.

Will I smell?

The first few weeks, especially if you are switching from commercial antiperspirant, you may find that you smell more than usual. This is your body shedding toxins that have been trapped in your body. Take your Deodorant with you to the office, and re-apply as needed. It instantly eliminates odor when applied. Once your body pushes out all the build up toxins and Aluminum, you should find that one application lasts you all day. (I actually find I only need to apply every two days now.) If you need more protection, you can always choose a stronger blend, or opt for a scent like Lavender + Tea Tree or Lemongrass + Lemon.

Will I sweat?

Yes, but you will find that you start to sweat less as your body restores balance.

Will I have a reaction to the baking soda and have itchy armpits?

No! I have never had anyone have a bad reaction. There have been those who were using very strong antiperspirant who had a "detox" phase where they had very minor irritation, but we are talking 3 people out of the thousands of sticks I have sold. If you find that you have some irritation, I do offer my Probiotic Cream, which does not have any Baking Soda. It is a lighter formula, and will require application throughout the day, but is ideal for children + those with sensitivities to baking soda.

Does it smell good?

Scents are not strong when you just sniff the stick, essential oils are specially encapsulated in the base to release slowly as they warm on your skin.

Perfume, specifically French Perfumery methods stole my heart. For months I read everything I could find, and still do for fun, on essential oils and scents. I use ONLY ESSENTIAL OILS to scent my products ... all of them. Essential Oils are magical plant elixirs that not only smell amazing, but offer benefits to your body. I offer tons of scents, and love making custom blends. Vanilla + Citrus, Lavender + Grapefruit, and Lavender + Tea Tree are some of my favorites. I intend on releasing some special edition sets with complex blends and matching perfumes soon!

How do I use it?

Apply 1-2 swipes to clean + dry armpits. Rub in or do the chicken dance and use your arms to rub it in, yes I am serious ... its fun! Wait an hour after shaving, mostly because baking soda + fresh shaved skin = itch.


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