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Hello Beauties!

Many of you have been messaging me. I wanted to address some of the questions in mass before I start through the messages.

First, I have been going through a lot of personal and professional change over the last two months.

With the legalization of Hemp-Derived CBD, I was hopeful that policies for sites and payment processors would change. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Many of my items are flagged and de-activated on a regular basis. This causes confusion for you, and frustration for me.

One of my most popular products is the Arthritis + Ache Balm, a Cayenne + Menthol balm for pain, inflammation, and aches. It has been deactivated SEVERAL times. I understand why. I get that the hosting sites are dependent on payment processors, who are underwritten by insurance companies, and they consider CBD high-risk. The thing is, this products doesn't contain CBD... and I even removed Hemp Flower Essential Oil (distilled, no THC) from the original to comply with specific policy. The problem is, I don't ever want to sacrifice efficacy.

For this reason, more Therapeutic products: Migraine Soother, Magnesium for PMS, and a few others will be moved to Loner's Apothecary.

Loner's Apothecary is the grown up big sister of Bear's. It will allow me the freedom to formulate with or without CBD, and eventually THC when that becomes legal. Loner's will also offer more holistic solutions, like tinctures, herbal powders, teas, and more! All items will have the option for infusion with CBD. Pricing is lower, as I am not paying a third party a percentage.  I want to offer solutions that are effective alone and only supplemented by CBD, not formulas that hinge on any one ingredient.

Over the last month I have fallen behind on messages, having to go into "putting out fires mode."; essentially answering as many messages per day as possible, focusing on ones related to an order first. I am working through messages. If you have messaged me and gotten no response, please know that I am doing my best to catch up.

You have all been so amazingly kind and patient. I really appreciate the understanding.

Loner's will initially offer CBD-Free products with the option to add CBD via a separate invoice. This is only temporary, but will allow you to partially pay for your order online and then we can customize the CBD for your needs.

My goal is to refine the offerings for Bear's Beauty and get some kits, sets, and duos together. I am also working on some teenage acne products, made with minimal ingredients, so they are ideal for everyone.

I also want to get items on Amazon and to you faster.

If you have any product ideas, or Bear's products you would like to see with CBD, please message me.

If you have any concerns or questions, please message me.

Thank you!!!



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