GREEN WASHING = Using green marketing terms and packaging to suggest a product is natural, going so far as to make claims about being Organic or All Natural. Calling something "Cannabis" or "Khush or Kush" to be catchy, but utilizing minuscule amounts of the ingredient. Calling something natural that still contains artificial fragrances and preservatives.

It seems like every day a new Cannabis or Hemp beauty product is coming out. Big brands are starting to jump on the Hemp bandwagon, but this makes it tough for customers to discern the efficacy of the ingredient. For example, lets say you buy a Cannabis "infused" facial oil. Lets say, like the three on the market, it is made with a super refined version of Hemp. Its likely the serum or oil is clear and hemp is WAY down on the ingredient deck. Just adding a dash of a super processed oil is not the same thing as using the oil as a base and using a Certified Organic and Cold-Pressed Food-Grade Oil. If you have a bad reaction from this product, you may avoid hemp in the future, thinking it is to blame. This really doesn't give you a good picture of the ingredient.

Hemp Seed Oil, especially Cold-Pressed + Organic Hemp Seed Oil is incredible for your skin. The combination of Omega Fatty Acids 3 + 6 + 9 is perfect for the skin and more balanced than oils like Chia or Flax. Organic Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil is bright green. When it becomes rancid, creating free-radicals, it darkens and becomes more brown. Hemp Seed Oil, un-refrigerated, even blended for long shelf life, goes rancid within 6 months to one year.

CBD, while epic, is very un-regulated, and multiple companies have been found to contain undesired pesticides or no CBD / high THC levels. I encourage you to source your products from companies that have been in business for at least three years. ASK FOR DOCUMENTATION. Ask for paperwork on your CBD and even on Organic claims, if a company is legitimate, they should have both.

If you have sensitive skin and are interested in hemp for acne or breakouts, you want to avoid many common skincare ingredients and stick to non-comedogenic oils like hemp, low-oleic sunflower, Sach Inchi, maracuja, or Shea Butter.

When you look at an ingredient deck, the order of the ingredients is from most to least. Ingredients at the beginning of the listing are used in higher proportions than those towards the end. If Cannabis Sativa Oil is listed at the end, its likely there is not much of the beneficial ingredient in there. There are raw versions of ingredients like Hemp, Oat, and Fruits readily available on the market. I see no reason to include cheep fillers or petroleum derivatives in skincare.

So, while these trends are "cute" steer clear if you have sensitive skin. Lip Gloss, Brow Gel, and Hair Products are pretty safe, and likely won't impact your skin, but be aware, Hemp Seed Oil is rich green and amazingly beneficial all on its own, so why mix it with less beneficial stuff??


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