Magnesium Topicals

Magnesium and Organic Hemp Seed Oil are a natural match! Magnesium plays a part in a host of vital body processes, yet most people are deficient. Our topical magnesium products offer you a way to add magnesium into your daily routine!

In our Etsy shop we only sell Organic Hemp Seed Oil-based products. These are free from THC + CBD, perfect for those interested in the benefits of Hemp, but concerned about the issues surrounding some of the extracts.

Organic Hemp Seed Oil is comparable to Olive Oil, coconut oil, or sunflower oil. It is a pressed seed oil, considered a "carrier oil" The ideal Omega Fatty Acid profile is what makes it so perfect for all skin types. Offering nourishment as well as being non-comedogenic.

Magnesium has helped me with everything from sleeplessness to anxiety, and combining it with hemp was a natural step.

Many brands dissolve magnesium flakes in water to make their lotion, we use brine straight from the sea bed and mix it without emulsifiers using our unique tempering process. The result, is an emulsifier-free, non-comedogenic, preservative-free compounded magnesium butter.


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