Lotion Bars and Snowy Days

Well, for those of you in Georgia, you know that the weather man was correct. We have about a solid inch of ice covering everything here. It is officially a Snowpocalypse! I definitely should have picked up more coffee.

I have been working on a few new things recently.

My Vitamin C Pink Hibiscus Cleansing Grains are the bees-knees! The combination of Hibiscus Flower Powder, Rice Flour, and fresh Lime essential oil makes for an uplifting and exfoliating cleanser. The best part about the cleansing grains is that they can be used along with just about any other product (especially my oil cleanser) to increase their benefits! Its a pale gray in the tin, but once you sprinkle onto wet palms, you get a pretty pink paste! Cleansing Grains are a great cleansing option for those with sensitive skin!

I have also almost finished my Vitamin C Eye Serum, and will start doing trials soon with friends and family! I sent one with my Mom this past weekend after her visit from Indiana. I am madly in love with Hibiscus Flowers and their killer Vitamin C content.

I hate having dry chapped lips, and in the winter weather, it is almost impossible for me to keep hydrated. I also hate the idea of a petroleum-based lip balm, that goes into your mouth as you wear it! I think I read somewhere that the average woman consumes 60 pounds of lip product in their lifetime. Gross. My new medicated lip balm is a blend of organic oils, butters, and waxes and a touch of Camphor and Peppermint to cool. It is soothing, creamy, and stays put. My best friend went so far as to throw out his other chapstick then and there! So charming!

I am so excited to be getting on the shelves of Home Grown Decatur in the coming months!!!!!

Stay warm !


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