The 411 on Exfoliation

I like to think of myself as being pretty diligent about my skincare routine. Running your own business is time consuming, as well as taxing physically. I do my best to maintain a regular routine with my skincare regime. I have been using sugar or salt scrub to exfoliate for years. I am plagued my skin trouble, even now, it my late twenties, I still have random breakouts like when I was 15. Not only is this unsightly, it also makes it very hard to exfoliate without causing further irritation. I have been using my Birch Duo for a few months now, and that has worked wonders for my body. My skin is constantly in better shape than when I was using commercial products. It helps, of course, that I am able to customize solutions for just what I need. I have still been searching for a cost effective exfoliating option. Scrubs are great, and I love mine, but for daily exfoliation, they can get costly.

Your skin is constantly shedding and the top layer is mostly made up of dead skin. Removing this layer helps products penetrate better, clears clogged pores and hair follicles, stimulates blood flow, and helps to maintain clear skin. Just like you would not water a dead plant, you do not want to use your creams and products on dead skin. The act of removing this layer with a scrub or tool (bath pouf, shower brush etc) is called "Mechanical Exfoliation." You can also use "Chemical Exfoliation," but that is a different matter altogether. I thought that I was sufficiently exfoliating my skin. I had been doing research in this area for quite some time. I test all of my scrubs and products I finally found a solution that is both effective, and inexpensive.

Exfoliating gloves. I got a whole pack of these babies, 100 to be exact. As soon as I got them, I grabbed one and took it into the shower with me. I used the one glove with my Castile soap all over my body. I found it left my skin soft, exfoliated, and not  irritated. This would have been a pretty great discovery alone. About a week later I had the idea to put two gloves on and try it that way.

Man, was I grossed out. I lathered my whole body up with the gloves and Castile soap, and then rinsed. The water looked almost brown! It turns out that with two gloves and some Castile Soap, you can exfoliate your whole body really well. I am really in love with these gloves, you just add some soap, lather, and then massage in small circles to exfoliate. When you stop getting lather, just add more soap. After I get out of the shower, while my skin is still damp, I slather my body butter or cold cream from head to toe.

My skin has not looked this good, with so little effort, in forever. I am in the process of posting my "Get Ready to Glow" daily body care set. It will include my Castile Soap, a Body Oil OR Butter, and 4 exfoliating gloves. This is about a two month supply, and will totally change the way you shower. I like to wait until midway to the end of my shower, when skin is saturated with water and more easily exfoliated.

I just wanted to share a little with you guys about my newest discovery!


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