The Container Store

Over drinks with some friends this past weekend, I was reminded of a store I wanted to visit. My friends told me about the Container Store and urged me to go. My friends are all very supportive of my business, and had heard me recently talking about how I needed to find a local store to buy bottles and jars for my products. Awhile later, it was a date! My friend and I were going to go to the Container Store the next day (today.)

An hour drive in Atlanta traffic and I arrived at my destination, a veritable Mecca of jars! As soon as I walked in, I made a beeline for the Mason jar section. I had never seen so many different sizes. I was so excited. I really like being able to pick things out in person. My friend soon found me, and the two of us made our way up and down each isle. A hundred dollars and an hour later, I had filled my cart with jars, bottles, boxes, and tins of every size. I found some really great tins, for my new All Purpose Balm and solid lotion bars. I even found some cute 1 Oz jars for samples and lip balms.

I also left with tons of ideas. Every isle help inspiration and ideas. I can't wait to keep expanding my line. I want to start making bath salts and milk baths soon, as well as some trial size kits!

So excited to fill some of these jars up with my creations!


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