CBD Products Exciting Things to Come in 2016

Christmas is right around the corner, and I am super excited to be getting some of the new things I have been working on up on the page. Some of you may have stopper by BearsBeauty.com and noticed it is not up-to-date. Right now, the best place to shop is Etsy.com/Shop/BearsBeauty. I am in the process of updating listings, pictures, sizes, and flavors for the upcoming year.

I am always working to improve formulas and integrate new information that I have learned. I am also working to upgrade packaging and shorten shipping time. As my business is growing, I continue to be in awe of the support that I get from you guys. I don't have customers, I have friends. Many of you know that I am in the process of moving, despite it being the busiest part of the year. I have received so many well-wishes, it is touching.

As I am changing listings and updating products, some things may be taken out of my regular offerings. Don't worry, I keep all my recipes. If there is a product that you love and you don't see it, message me and I will help you out.

I have been searching for almost two years for recycled glass bottles that would be pretty, but still eco-friendly. Using recycled glass, rather than new glass, is a way of supporting the recycling industry. I believe where we spend our money makes a difference, and I want to support a company that supports the Earth. The best news about the change in some packaging, the new bottles are beautiful and functional. Below is a preview of my new Cleansing Oil Bottle. The new size offerings will range from 5oz (below) to 8oz (same style as below.) These new bottles also come with a storage rack option for your bathroom.

Bear's Beauty is a Hemp-based Skin Care Line, and I LOVE that this glass is the same color as Organic Hemp Seed Oil. These bottles are elegant and can be re-used for whatever you want after your Oils are gone. Another cool option with the new packaging offerings, I will have some custom packaging options. 

For example, if you wanted Clay Masks for your bridesmaids, and your wedding colors are pink and yellow - BAM!

I am beyond excited about this upgrade to the line, as well as several re-formulations and new products. I am working on a line of Bath Oils as well as Body Oils. Perfumery is one of my favorite parts of formulation, and I am going to start releasing some of my special blends in more products. Scent is such a powerful part of the skin care experience. I can't help but smell something, literally whatever it is, the second I open the cap. Commercial "perfume" is a toxic cocktail of sketch and crap, and I would love to sway you over to the Botanical Perfume side. Be watching for some new and exciting scents!

I am gearing up for the holidays and ready to make a ton of awesome thing for Christmas! 

Thank you for your ongoing support! Let me know what you think about the containers??


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