Whats Going on @ Bear's Beauty : November

Hey loves, it has been a few weeks since I blogged to check in and let you know what all is going on with me. The nature of running your own small business dictates balancing several plates on sticks in the air and praying none of them fall at the same time. Thankfully, my mission and purpose are clear, and I am able to remember that when things don't go as planned.

One of those things that didn't go as planned, was buying my first house. I was really excited to be working on buying my first home, the home where I grew up and where Bear's Beauty was born. Through no fault of my own, things just didn't work out that way, and was fate would have it; I am moving somewhere in the next week. This is not the end of the world, but definitely a blow. It just happens to come at the busiest time of the year as well. Thankfully, I have been working for the last several months on LOTS of new things, as well as organizing myself better for time management.

One of the cool things that has happened, is my partnership with Ecohabitude.com. They are an online marketplace FULL to the brim of Eco-Friendly and Natural products. They have also taken a ton of time to take pictures for me, promote my brand, and even invited me out to New York for a special event (no word yet on details, but they are coming.) They recently featured my products in a few tutorials (linked below.)



I am also blessed to have been lead to two particular customers that have helped me structure some business things I wasn't sure of, as well as compose a newsletter for my subscribers. (If you aren't yet, go to Bearsbeauty.com and scroll to the bottom, enter your info, and TADA!) These two women in particular (Jean and Elice) have been constant lights and there to help with whatever I need. I am so grateful to have you two :)

I am inspired daily ... new ideas, new ingredients, new ways of doing things seem to come crawling from the woodwork the moment I sit down. I have pages and pages of notebooks with ideas, and I am slowly working through them, refining, testing, and bringing you the best Bear's Beauty + Mother Nature has to offer.

I have been developing a clean-rinse cleansing oil for several months now. One of the main issues was that all the possible emulsifiers seemed to dry out my skin or make it unpleasant texture to use. After several bad batches, I stumbled upon a good idea ... and I am in the final stages of testing for my Clean-Rinse Cleansing Oil. This will be a great option for almost all skin types, and will replace both foaming and cream cleansers, and it won't require a cloth to remove. I am really excited to get this rolled out :)

Another thing in the works is a new Deodorant. Although my original formula is amazing, I am working on a Probiotic Stick, that will not only be even stronger odor protection than the Original, but will also be totally clear when applied. I want to offer you guys options, and this will be an offering for those who want a clear deodorant + extra protection. I am also working on two other related products; a Spray Deodorant for Pits and Body, as well as a Pit Prep Potion :)

I know I have been talking about a primer for ages, and I promise I am close. I am so very picky about primer, and what I need from a primer, that I can't accept anything less.

I am hoping I find somewhere to move soon, and hope to be showing you pictures of my new place :)


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