All Purpose Balm

Thanks to the crazy Georgia weather, I found myself in need of a super protective and moisturizing balm, LIKE ASAP! The weather went from 60 degrees and sunny to snowy and 22 in a matter of hours. My first trip outside to get my mail yielded very rosy cheeks and soon after they were dry and sore. My poor skin was not prepared for the winter cold.

So, I went back to one of my first recipes ever. It was originally made to be a hair pomade for a friend. Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Hemp Seed Oil, and Beeswax were mixed with the slightest bit of essential oil. 

It can be used in so many ways,

Lip Balm
Skin Protecting Balm
Hair Balm
Shaving Balm
Eye Make-Up Remover
Night Cream
Foot Balm
Hand Cream
Diaper Cream
Baby Skin Balm (Lavender, Vanilla, Chamomile only)

This formula is simple, organic, and even safe for baby!

My skin is so grateful, and I have listed it here, so that you guys can enjoy this amazing skin soother as well. 

The Balm comes in a clear glass jar and can be customized with any of my essential oils. It can even be "creamed" to have a lighter texture! Pretty cool right?

Stay Green!


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