January Update

I have been developing several new products as well as upgrading some of my original ones. One of those products is my Men's Shaving Cream. My original recipe was a much thinner consistency and was packaged in a pump. I have recently developed a much thicker and better foaming version. I added some clay and also some Shea butter to improve the protective and conditioning. I am so happy with the new formula. It is a rick and creamy shave cream that comes packaged in a recyclable/reusable glass jar. I have also translated this Men's version into a Women's Shave Cream. The Women's version is almost the same, but comes in scents like Rose, Vanilla, and Jasmine and can even be tinted pink!

I have also just started development on a new tinted lip balm, as well as a cheek and lip stain. I am working with some natural herbs and colorants (all fruits, veggies, and flowers.) I am so excited to bring some color into my line. I will initially just have two colors (Red and Pink.) I am currently working on the pink shade, and ideally will have both up on Etsy within the week. The lip stain and cheek stain will be a little longer in development, but I hope to have a natural color option for you guys soon! I am infusing some pink Hibiscus flowers in oil as we speak! So exciting.

The whole process of making tinted lip balm and lip stain is really interesting to me. Commercial products just use artificial colorants and call it a day. It is my task to find a way to get super pretty color, without any chemical junk. It is on your lips, and you will be ingesting a good bit of it... so why not make it an edible concoction? Lots of fruits and veggies have natural pink, red, and purple hues. Nature has given us quite a pallet to work with. I decided to start with Hibiscus and Alkanet root as my first two colors. Hibiscus powder is made from the flower petals. Hibiscus is commonly used for the pretty pink hue it lends to recipes. You can't just mix the powder in your lip balm and call it a day, however. The powder is far too grainy and would feel like sand on your lips. Instead, there is a slow process of steeping the powder in oil for days, to impart the pink into the oil. Pretty cool!

Alkanet Root is for all my gals who love a Red lip! Alkanet root has a bright and vibrant red hue. Once the herb is infused in an oil, you guys are going to see the prettiest natural red lip, ever! I am hoping to start work with Alkanet root soon.

Also for my girls who wear make-up, I am in the final stages of development on my make-up setting spray! It will double as a primer, as well as a make-up setting spray and contains only natural ingredients! I have been using it for a few weeks and am totally in love!


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