Degobah Deodorant

In my search for the perfect natural deodorant formula, I have gone through several different versions of deodorant. I have had baking soda and coconut oil formulas, lumpy arrowroot starch stick versions, essential oil only formulas with far too much lemon, and more recently a cream version that was too creamy. I usually try them out on myself first, and then give samples to people to try. One of those people is my 22 year old brother who lives with me. He is in a band and in college, and while concerned with natural products, he is much more concerned with products that do not require much thought on his part. Like many men, he just wants deodorant that keeps him from smelling like corn chips and shampoo that can get the cigarette smell from the bar he played in the night before out of his hair.

He has tried and nixed many of the above deodorant formulas. One of my favorite responses was to a stick formula with mostly Shea butter and some clay. I only used some Tea Tree essential oil, to judge how the other two ingredients worked. After two days, my brother comes in with the stick I had made him. "This does not work...well, it does work. I don't smell like sweat,"

He scratched his head a moment and continued, "You remember in the old Star Wars, when Luke goes to Degobah to see Yoda?" I nod my head. "This is makes my pits smell like what I imagine Degobah smells like." "Understood."

My current deodorant cream is great, it has absorbing starches and clay, as well as an effective essential oil blend. I am still working on my stick formula!


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