Success is the Pits

As we have discussed, coming up with an effective deodorant formula has been quite an undertaking. Several of the Natural recipes called for Baking Soda. Baking Soda is just far too harsh for my skin, and so I imagine for everyone else as well. I want my products to preform, but not to cause any sort of weird side effects. Some of the formulas were too oily, leaving weird grey film on my pits.

These are all issues of the past now. I have finally done it. I have been using this formula for about a week now, and it is just about amazing! It is moisturizing, smooth, smells good, does not clump up, and doesn't rub off on your clothes once dry. The starches and clay absorb moisture, while the Shea and coconut oils help keep your pits soft. The essential oils keep you smelling fresh. It all combines to make a deodorant cream that is silky smooth and super effective.

All you do is rub a pea size amount into your pits until absorbed, let dry a minute or two, and TADA! Fresh pits, no chemicals, no irritating Baking Soda, and no odor! I am madly in love with this formula and I think you will be too.

Yes, it is a little weird to put it on with your fingers, but totally worth it to know that there are no chemicals, and you won't stink!



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