Creative Week - Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

It has been a very creative week for me. I have added some new Valentine's Day gifts to my shop on Etsy.

My new Hippie in Pink body butter is amazingly rich and moisturizing, chemical free, smells delicious thanks to Grapefruit and Vanilla Essential Oils, and comes in a reusable glass jar! Oh... did I mention that it is PINK! I am so excited to introduce this body butter. You can use it every day, even on the most sensitive skin. I can also customize this formula, and it makes a great bridesmaid gift. The color is totally natural and comes from the infusion of Alkanet Root in Sweet Almond Oil. This little gift set also comes with a pretty shimmery pink lip balm! Also all natural, good for you, and moisturizing!

I also have a new larger gift sets for men and women.

The Women's "Be Mine" Gift Set come with several lovely items.

2 Oz Pink Grapefruit and Rose Castile Bubble Bath
2 Oz Pink Grapefruit and Rose Decadent Body Butter
1/3 Oz Pink Grapefruit and Rose Roll-On Perfume Oil
1 Oz Special Argan and Grapeseed Cleansing Oil and Moisturizer

I have included items that are good for Women of all ages. Young girls can use these things, just as well as your Grandma. The scent is soft and feminine. The Bubble Bath is rich and creamy, and leaves skin soft and clean. You can also use it as a shaving soap and shower gel. This formula is gentle enough that you could use it as a face wash as well. I love the body butter, we already know this. My roll-on perfume is soft and subtle. The scent stays close to your body, drawing those around you closer. I have even included my Luxury Argan Cleansing Oil, a blend that can be used to cleanse your face, as well as a facial moisturizer and body oil. I love this set, and I love being part of making Women feel pretty, while staying healthy!

The Men's "Be Mine" Gift Set is also four amazing pieces that just about everyone can use. 

My special Valentines scent for men is a deep blend of Frankincense, Lavender, Lime, and Fir Needle!

1 Oz Beard and Shave Oil
2 Oz Shave Cream
1/3 Oz Roll on Cologne
2 Oz Head to Toe Castile Wash 

My Beard and Shave Oil is a unique blend of oils that can be used for both the bearded and not-so-bearded man. Your guy can use this oil as a Pre-Shave oil, rubbing a few drops into skin before shaving and after. If your man has a beard, all the better. All he has to do is rub a few drops into beard as often as desired to keep his mane soft and shiny! My Head To Toe Wash can be used to wash his hair to his toes, even his beard will be smelling fresh and clean! My Shaving Cream is thick, rich and decadent. It is full of skin and hair softening natural ingredients, as well as Kaolin Clay to help your razor glide. It works amazingly well with the Pre-Shave Oil too! The Cologne Roll on can be used by men of all ages, smells fresh and clean, and does not contain any artificial fragrance oils. I love the clean scent of Balsam Fir and Lime, it just smells so FRESH!

These are just a few of the items that I have added for Valentine's Day. Soon I will be telling you a little about my two new perfume oils; "Springtime" and "Hippie Roots."


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