Washing your face with OIL

I have done a few posts about the OCM (Oil Cleanse Method.) Over the last two years, I have learned all kinds of tips and tricks for using the OCM. One of the most common questions that I get about the OCM is what oil to use.

Everyone is different, and has different skin, but there are a few oils that have very good results across the board. Hemp Seed Oil is one of those oils, and the main component in all of my Oil Cleansers. Hemp Seed Oil is considered a "dry" oil, and this means that it is very easily absorbed into the skin. It also does not leave residue on your skin that can clog pores. Some oils, like Coconut, are great for body care, but will wreak havoc on your skin if you use them to cleanse.

I recommend starting with Hemp and Sunflower Cleansing Oil if it is your first time.

The next question I get is always how to do the OCM. There are several different schools of thought on this. Some people say to use scalding hot water to open your pores, and some say to use a dry cloth. I am a bit of a weirdo when it comes to this, because I use two different methods. My recommendation is always to use a warm, slightly damp, microfiber cloth to remove the oil.

I also occasionally use a clay mask or foaming cleanser to remove the oil. Basically, the oil you massage into your face to cleanse is now saturated with gook from your pores. How you remove it is not nearly as important as making sure you remove it.

So, its the end of the day, and you have a full face of makeup. You also have no desire to spend twenty minutes on your skincare this particular evening, The OCM is perfect for you.

With dry hands, massage about a quarter size pool of oil all over your face. I avoid my eyes until last. Massage the oil all over your face, focusing on trouble areas. When your face is thoroughly oily, close your eyes, massage the oil into your eye makeup to break it up, and then remove just your eye area with a tissue (so no oil gets in your eyes.)

You now look like some sort of crazy slimy beast, I know. Wring out a warm, wet cloth, and lay it over your face. Press into your skin to help grab the oil. Rinse, and then repeat, but this time begin gently removing the oil. Keep doing this until your skin is soft, but not oily.

At this point, your skin may need a little bit of moisture, so feel free to apply a few drops of your Oil Cleanser as a moisturizer. Using this method, you can use one product, and only once a day. In the morning, splash your face with water, moisturize, and go.

Your skin is made to regulate itself, the less you do to it, the better it will behave.

If you suffer from Acne, you may see some increase in inflammation before it gets better, but this is only your body purging toxins. As the Hemp Seed Oil begins to breakdown hard blockages in your pores.

I offer lots of options, so we can make a set that is just right for you and your skin!


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