Where did January Go?

Hey Beauties, I hope that everyone has had a great month. I have been super busy here at Bear's Beauty. I am VERY excited to announce that I have a new partner. My brother, Cody, has been working with me off and on since the beginning. Now, business is finally busy enough that I can hire him full-time. I am so excited about the official addition to my team. Cody has been such a help in the past, and I know he will be an integral part of Bear's Beauty as we move into the future. Be looking for his picture in my Etsy Shop section (as soon as he gives me one LOL!)

With the addition of another person, things have been moving along very quickly. We have been working all month on getting things prepped for the summer. I am really looking forward to the events that I am already scheduled for, and will be sharing them with you as we get closer to time.

I have several batches of 100% Olive Oil Castile Soap curing right now. They should be ready to use sometime the end of April. Unfortunately, Castile soaps have to cure FOREVER! I will be stocking more soaps very soon. If you are interested in a particular scent, please let me know... as I am always looking for inspiration and feedback. Right now, we have Unscented, Sweet Orange and Calendula, and Rose soap curing.

I have also been working on several new products, and re-vamping some of my favorites. You can look forward to Soap-less Moisturizing Body Polish, Setting Powder, Highlighter without Shimmer, Priming Moisturizer, and many more.

This month has gone by so fast! I will check in again soon, hopefully with some new pictures.



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