Cheating on my Organic Shampoo

I have been using Organic Castile Soap in some shape or form to wash my hair for almost a year now. I love knowing that I am not being slathered in toxic chemicals, while still having that "clean" feeling to my hair. I have super fine, ash blonde hair, and a sensitive scalp. In the past that meant that every product I used to help with my hair texture left my scalp itchy, and everything I used for my scalp left my hair greasy. It was a losing battle, but I have since discovered a healthy balance with Castile Shampoo. I sell Castile Shampoo on my Etsy page, but there are TONS of recipes online that you can customize for your hair type.

About once a month, I like to "clarify" my hair. I find that because the Castile Shampoo does not strip the natural oils from my hair, that it also does not get all the minerals and product build up. Yes, I use some products. For the most part Argan Oil and Coconut Oil with some Sea Salt Texturizing spray covers my day to day needs, but sometimes a girl just needs some mouse! I suppose I justify it because it never touches my scalp, but it is one of my remaining commercial beauty addictions. That being said, this is supposed to be about my shampoo cheat day.

Once a month, I splurge, and use commercial shampoo and conditioner. I find that this really helps to keep my hair from becoming dull, and also helps my green products perform better. Part of the reason I only do this once a month is because I wash and condition my hair upside down, to prevent the products from contacting my skin. I can't totally deny my hippie roots, and the fact that the more skin those chemicals contact, the more chemicals enter my body. So, I just stand in the shower, bent over like a goober, washing my hair.

My hair always feels a little dry after the shampoo, so I follow with a conditioner. Like I said, I only do it once a month, and I keep the shampoo and conditioner away from my scalp and skin as much as possible, but even I cheat on my Organic Products every now and then :0)


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