Scrub Your Scalp

I have recently been playing with a new idea for scalp care. I wanted to come up with a way for "No-Poo" and "Sorta-Poo" girls to remove buildup from their scalp naturally. I played around with several different formulas, and eventually found super fine cane sugar, and baking soda does an amazing job.

I exfoliate my face and all of the rest of my body, but I never thought to exfoliate my scalp. It seemed like a crazy idea, but many of my best ideas have sounded a little crazy in the beginning. So, I went into the bathroom with my magical sugar and baking soda concoction and mixed it with enough of my cleansing oil to moisten the mixture.

I massaged along my part and hairline, and then parted my hair in little sections and made sure to get particularly dry areas. I didn't use much pressure, and massaged in small circular strokes. I let the mixture sit on my hair for about twenty minutes and then rinsed it out. I followed with my Coconut Castile Shampoo, and then my Hibiscus Hair Rinse.  (more of my products at

My scalp felt AMAZING! I seriously feel like I have discovered some kind of ancient secret. Over the next few days, I noticed that my scalp was way less dry and not a flake in sight. I tweaked the recipe some, added some oils and essential oils for extra benefit, and I now have an epic scalp scrub.

Its so cool to find new ways to take care of your skin naturally. I love that I get to share those things with my customers.

-- Other than the scalp scrub, busy week. I have been working on label templates, sampling containers, orders, and trying to figure out how to make the BET Awards trip happen. I am so grateful for all of you guys!

I will also be at an event in Atlanta in June, for anyone interested in meeting me in person. More details to come.


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