Shimmer Is a Girl's Best Friend

Since I started using green skincare, I use far less makeup. My makeup routine used to take me almost an hour, and involved caking on prime, foundation, powder, blush, bronzer... you get the idea. I used so much product to cover up my red and blemished skin. I was so self-conscious about my face.

My beauty routine these days is far simpler, and usually involves only mascara and lip balm. I do use powdered mineral foundation from time to time (Physicians Formula Organic), but overall I try to keep it super simple. I recently found a really beautiful Golden-Pink Mica Shimmer powder on one of my suppliers pages. Mica has all kinds of applications, and is a naturally occurring mineral. I decided to pick some up.

It is amazing how much I am fascinated with shimmer and sparkles. I always loved a particular bronzing body oil, but their chemical ingredient list made it less appealing in recent years. I was so excited to open up my Mica and get mixing. I am really excited to incorporate some sparkle into my products. Soon I will have a *shimmer* option for many of my body butters and oils. I am also planning on making a special shimmer lip balm. The color is so perfect, and I absolutely love it as a highlighter. I am working on some listing ideas, and may even offer a mineral eye shadow option soon. This pretty golden pink will be perfect on almost anyone. I use it as eye shadow, highlighter, and on my lips. It just gives a beautiful natural glow, without being glitter.

I can't wait to update my offerings, but if you would like to purchase anything I talked about, feel free to message me.



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