New & Improved Natural Deodorant

I have been using Natural Deodorant for more than a year. I tried several commercially available products, and found they all underperformed. I sought out to come up with my own. I did tons of research and testing, and finally found a formula that really worked (for me.)

That was the issue, I was not only formulating for me. I am formulating for my customers, friends, and family. So, for the past few weeks I have been secretly (I say that because it makes me feel a little like a spy...) working on a new Deodorant formula.

It took some time, and some serious reading. I finally found a formula that really fights odor, helps with excess moisture, and it reasonably gentle.

I also found a way to help those who get irritation from the baking soda in the product at any point. My new Deodorant has some pretty innovative (as far as I can tell from researching similar products) ingredients. I am madly n love with it, and have already started sending it out for customers to try.

I am also working tirelessly on a cheek and lip tint gel!

Stay Green and Beautiful!



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