Going Green on a Budget

It has been almost a year since I started going green. When I first began my journey, I was fine with just reducing the number of chemical products that I was using. Now, I am much more concerned with a holistic approach, seeking to execute all chemical junk from my life. 

For me, going green is about taking small steps to minimize your exposure to unnecessary toxins in your life. I take a realistic approach to going green. Realistically, not everyone has hundreds of dollars to run out and replace all of their products with green counterparts. Not everyone can afford to buy all of their groceries organic and GMO-free. 

Much like a struggling musician, I find that I (a small business owner) cannot afford to do these things. It is not only about the money. There are just some products/foods that we have emotional connections with. Maybe your Grandpa always used Old Spice, and you can't imagine the idea of not doing the same. For me, its eyeliner, perfume, and coffee. 

Coffee is one of those things that I just need in my life. I am so not a morning person. Just the smell of coffee makes me feel more alert. I also like cream and sugar in my coffee. For a year I have been using Organic Cane Sugar as my sweetener. As my business has grown, my coffee habit has done the same. I have been drinking almost a pot a day. I know, a little excessive. I knew I couldn't give up my coffee, or my organic cream, but maybe I could do something about the sugar. 

I went online and did some research. I already knew about Stevia, and love it for my lip balms and tea. For some reason, I just don't like how it tastes in my coffee. I am very picky about it. I got some "Monk Fruit in the Raw" on sale at an online store the other day. I decided to give it a try. 

I LOVE this stuff. It tastes sweet, without being too sweet. Its not bitter or weird, and doesn't leave an after-taste in your mouth. It lets you taste your food/drink, but still leaves you with a sweet taste in your mouth. 

Recent research suggests isolated mogrosides have antioxidant properties[10] and may have limited anticancereffects.[11][12]

It also seems to have some possible health benefits, as well as aiding with conditions like diabetes. Nature is amazing! I am looking at some recipes I could use this in, maybe a lip balm or lip scrub? We shall see :) This small step makes me feel better on my journey to be green. 

I buy fresh fruits and veggies at a local farmer's market, and even fresh cheese! I do not always get organic, but I try to at least get the least "fake" option I can afford. I only spray my perfumes on my clothing, and avoid inhaling the perfume when it is in the air. I do what I can, and I have goals for the future. There is no magic solution for eliminating chemicals from your life. Take small steps, and you will be amazed how many things in your life are "green" without you even noticing. 


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