Adventures in Soap Making

Like most things when it comes to my skin, I wanted to make my own soap. I have wanted to do this for almost a year, but have been very nervous about the process. I have spent the last several months researching methods, molds, oils, gels, traces, and all things soap. I finally felt ready to take the plunge, and ordered a kit from Essential Depot. They have amazing soap kits, and they are pretty affordable. I decided on a Coconut Oil soap with Lavender Essential Oil for my first batch.

I spent a good hour making my soap, and then tucked it away for the night. It went surprisingly smooth, considering my level of clumsy on a normal basis. I did not Fight Club myself (ie burn with lye.) I could hardly wait to unmold my new soap and slice it. The particular type of soap I made has to cure for four weeks to let any water evaporate and make the bar harder, but at least I got to cut it. My bars came out beautifully, and save for some lavender buds not sticking t the top, it was pretty dang perfect. I was even able to use a little off the edge and it is seriously the coolest soap. Its all creamy and silky, but doesn't dry your skin.

I can't wait to get creative and add colors and designs. I am even considering making some fragranced soaps, as they are one of the few tings that rinses off the skin, and I really want some Love Spell soap.

Here is a picture of the finished loaf, pictures of the bars can be found on my Instagram. These bars will be ready to go home on 12/05 :)


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