Mineral Makeup and Oil Cleansing, A Match Made in Beauty Heaven

I have used all kinds of makeup in my life. I have used cheap stuff, expensive stuff, and even home-made stuff. Ii have a pretty good idea what it takes to call a foundation amazing.

Since I started using oil to cleanse my face, the OCM, I have learned to seriously LOVE mineral makeup.

Mineral makeup is a powdered makeup that blends with the natural oils on your skin to create a powder to cream sort of consistency on your face. This makes it so that the makeup contains no filler or toxic chemicals. Its pretty cool stuff.

Like most things, I wanted to come up with my own. After months of testing, my foundation formula is FINALLY ready.

The FAIR shade is the first one listed. Please feel free to order and let me know what your skin tone is. Fair is a light shade with slight cool undertones. Medium will be next and will be a neutral, good for most skin tones.


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